Has anyone noticed the baht bus Queen is online almost 20 hours a day and getting away insulting everyone with the protection of Scott, he's feeding the click bait threads and stirring the pot nonstop. He must be another one working without a work permit.

Why he hasn't been banned is beyond me and others ......

Get rid of the neo Nazi mods and the BBQ and stop the Thai bashing it's OTT. My wife is going to chronical the bashing posts and report them with my blessing.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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Why is Jingthing called BBQ on Big Mango? Anyone know the real answer?

He seems to be hated everywhere. Even the g forums.


Is that JingThing?


^ Very funny, "the BBQ", I believe you are referring to a long time poster with a seedy disposition, but how did he get the nik "BBQ" ?


I believe its because he is a cheap charlie fat farang who rides the Pattaya Baht buses who is is a hysterical American queen

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