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While ThaiVisa might be an ok source for news, the moment you scroll past the articles into the forum it's a complete and utter cesspit. What I can only describe as an eternally bitter circlejerk of racist, ignorant and self righteous old men, patting themselves on the back for their "witty" banter.

User's recommendation: Avoid. Burn with fire.

Preferred solution: Termination of website .

Thai Visa Pros: Regular informative articles.

Thai Visa Cons: Members.

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Dead forum


easy to be top man when you have mode status. crossy steals the ideas of others then claims for himself.

horrible man behind the thaivisa facade. many smart people have stop posting or been pushed aside by this person.

comes over as helpful but it is really desperate attempts to keep failing topics busy. he is also master of the fake post.


convert 220v led lite to solar and he has no idea what he is doing the man is a fool pretending to be tech engineer fun for reading this mans jokes


Crossy is a silly old dream head , ignore him. Wife and family are his masters


Okay whatever


leave the poor old codger alone. his dead topics do need some stimulation and moral support though.

enter fake member Tronx stage right with some carefully chosen lines. got to laugh really its all very sad


tronx is fake poster maybe put in forum by useless mods best not use diy elecrtic section too much bad infos and fools without idea


Crossy would look a complete dimwit anywhere else but in the confines of the easily impressed group that surrounds him a the thivisa home for the aged. This is the man who threw his teddy after a highly respected and qualified offshore systems engineer questioned one of his projects.

The guy stopped posting at thaivisa which was a great loss to those looking for real technical help. The guy really should stick to waving the mod stick and stop making a fool of himself.


hes talking to his own fake posts again LOL


crossy always comes up with some b.-s excuse or starts back peddling when his plans are questioned like I said before he is not a very nice person behind the thaivisa facade. exaggerates about past work and position and if he is reading this knows exactly who the old meet up guy is writing this


his lack of knowlege is getting discretely teased


The thaivisa real estate forums are a joke


latest solar light idea is desperate guy is lost in some basic knowledge picked up while his balls were dropping


I would have more respect for crossy if he had not hooked up with a bunch of real estate and boiler room cheaters. Total dream head sucked in and placed under thai control


crossy solar payback is still on target for just under 3 years LOL the joker forgot to add another 3 for all the fails too long in thailand cant lose face boss wife will get angry


LOL sad but true


Down in the DIY section a guy complains about receiving electric shocks from his guitar. The only answer to this is tell him to find someone qualified to check the amplifier and electrical installation.

But Crossy the B-S fool rambles on about electric poles and what not to complete laymen.

Another joke where the bored expats become electrical experts providing bad advice. Enter bankruatsteve stage left with more drivel.


lol follow crossy advice and you will waste money just look at the jokers solar venture made up of aliexpress junk and silly internet ideas fool does not know his limits


Dead forum


Its a bait box for plugin ad systems. Gullible fools that use the site have taken the bait hook line and sinker.

Facebook and Reddit provide far superior information without the *** clouding the scene. Site is owned by a scam artist and updated by crooks

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