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Thai visa survives solely on the basis of free content it derives from members.

The forum thanks members by using a heavy handed moderation approach that broches complete censorship.

The ultimate thank you many of these *** moderators employ is banning the member from the site.

While i have not been banned it matters not as I won't be using the site and giving free content, thus ad revenue, ever again.

The there are many heavy handed moderators but the ones that seem most active are ruining the site are "Reamer" and "Metisdead". Ubonjoe and Sherly on the otherhand seem to be reasonable and helpful people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Moderator.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Jsixpack is extremely arrogant and rude which are clear indications of a bored frustrated old man living in a filthy city of sleaze. Picking at posts that dare to criticize his paradise world and the useless authorities that care for it. Just ignore the buffoon and leave him to play with his bottom lip.


Yup agree 100% I just realized it a few days ago and even reported him ( which in 10 years it may have been the fourth time ever I reported someone ) a mod actually got back to me and said he is a pain in the butt! He then said a few more things about him.


JSixpack your suffering the same delusions at JT - you guys bed buddies ?


Thaivisa needs more good mods like Rimmer Scott and Metisdead they always respond quickly when I report bad posts and comments I do not like.


Bullshit....they are ***


Every morning JSixpack checks replies to his posts and cries to the TV mods to remove anything that upsets him. The poor guy is suffering from Pattaya critics syndrome which can become quite serious if left untreated. Probably best place him on the ignore list and avoid any baiting that could worsen the condition.

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