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Reform Thai immigration laws, do you think that it's possible ?

And why Thaivisa is not helping us ? The biggest community should be the one with balls !



Anyway, it's good to try and at least the guy working for TAT and the Esaan lawyers did something useful for the first time of their lives !

Cheers !

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Thai Visa Pros: Large community.

Thai Visa Cons: Delete posts, Moderators are scumbags, Attitude of the moderators and administration, Moderators, Metisdead.

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Thaivisa forums have strong smell of stale urine.


Only dixxheads visit this forum


The thaivisa forum has starting some moderations at news articles which I hope is from our sending translated copy of insult posts to the Thai news and some authority. We will continue this actions until those insulting people are removed from forum posting or taken control of to stop insults. Translated copy we willl soon post with reasoning at gab dot com #tvisainsults


Thaivisa is loaded with lying nasty spiteful jealous people and anyone who gives help or useful information away on the forum needs their head examined


Dont expect much too much from a community made of poorly educated old sexpats bickering with each other. All owners of the site have been from the quick buck cheaters stable so dont expect support from them either.

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