Used to be a non profit place for good banter and useful advice: not any more.

It is now a commercial site run to make a money for the owners. All they are interested in is getting traffic so they get more ad revenue.

They now want to appeal to the lowest common denomitor. This means lots of posts deriding Thai people and customs.

Also the 'news' forum is now a haven for alt right racists who cannot see the irony of their hatred of immigrants when they, themselves, are immigrants in Thailand!

Any one who doesn't follow the party line faces post deletions, suspensions and ultimately a ban.

But even if banned you'll still be classed as an active member so they can con advertisers into believing they have far more members than they actually do.

User's recommendation: Avoid, there are plenty of other sites if you need visa advice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Website.

Location: Woking, England

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just ignore the place and leave the bunch of fools to bicker with each other they dont like clever folk in this section as it makes them feel uncomfortable i spent 20 years with a large thai construction company and thaivisa is the last place i will share any knowledge - way too many bottom feeders and misfits for my liking - takes about four pages of trash and dumb input to fill a crack in the wall - sorry about the lower case too lazy to hit the shift key on my phone :)


Metropolitian acts like a child who must get the last word, his information is is often word for word lifted from the web. Sometimewoodworker is a student of YouTube, thinks he is best and everyone else is inferior.

Bankruatsteve is is a complete air head. Crossy is another cut n paste guru but holds the leaders badge so everyone licks his ***


Bankruatsteve = Crossy - HELLO TIME TO WAKE UP!


the "is solar power worth it" thread is my fav and pure entertainment i really love the red neck installation by the britmantoo joker who hits up lazada after supping 10 big chang beers


you expect too much from ex bus drivers postmen and street cleaners


Thats all ya got left all the smart ones have left or only post for fun


they are all in need of a decent b-job maybe they should get a room together and go DIY


Metropolitian - Thaivisa has reeled in another live one. The guy actually takes the place seriously. How cute is that I ask.


LOL bankruatsteve was on a street light lamp changing and cleaning crew back in the US guess thats where he got his electrical and special engineering knowledge


bunch of sour faced old codgers including crossy who dont much like those who appear smarter than him and often makes fake post to keep the dead area open best these jokers to fight with themselves. crossy also posting answers under other name


Takes a while for some DIY section answers to appear this is because the bait builders are on YouTube doing some training before returning to thaivisa as experts


More fake posts in the DIY section to keep it looking busy. Members replying to fictitious DIY questions is very sad. Not sure who is in on the fake posting plan team but the same names always popup to kick off the posts.

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