Used to be a non profit place for good banter and useful advice: not any more.

It is now a commercial site run to make a money for the owners. All they are interested in is getting traffic so they get more ad revenue.

They now want to appeal to the lowest common denomitor. This means lots of posts deriding Thai people and customs.

Also the 'news' forum is now a haven for alt right racists who cannot see the irony of their hatred of immigrants when they, themselves, are immigrants in Thailand!

Any one who doesn't follow the party line faces post deletions, suspensions and ultimately a ban.

But even if banned you'll still be classed as an active member so they can con advertisers into believing they have far more members than they actually do.

User's recommendation: Avoid, there are plenty of other sites if you need visa advice.

Location: Woking, England

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Dead forum... ....


Full of almost dead people


I see the red-neck solar topic has gone quiet maybe crossy has realized he will never see a payback time and the village joker BritManToo is drunk again and busy ordering more junk from Hung Way Lo


red neck solar LOL > make Chinese junk seller rich and save planet > electric thailand only 4 baht more LOL


the clueless posts in the solar section are amusing and the fake topics to keep it busy numerous. surely people cant be so dumb as to actually take advice from these jokers. crossy LOL how much more solar junk can the man buy


Think of all the money they are saving ... but but hold on ... never mind.


How many thaivisa diy posters does it take to change a light bulb? One to shout out the youtube advice, five to work it out and three to change the bulb. Thats on a good day.


Crossy = Metropolitian one of the many fake names use on TV to make it look busy


Take anything BritManToo says with a pinch of salt. Another silly old man lost in a dream world.


Crossy plays the same WE HAVE record over and over YAWN the joker has wasted so much money on his solar project but continues to talk about payback time LOL maybe hes immortal these old codgers should stick to trimming tomato plants


crossy steals work from others and give credit to himself bottom feeder same rest of the mods


and crossy with his silly payback numbers - silly man dreams to much


Crossy has started to ramble and making mistakes, his latest solar forum is desperate but then thaivisa is desperate.


Crossy Labs LOL. The old codger has lost the plot youtube has overloaded his limited grey stuff.


the crossy solar roof project is a joke considering he is forum electrical tech. payback time heads to infinity as the chinese junk and poor choice fails.


Can someone please stick a cork in Metropolitian, Sometimewoodworker and the village i-diot Bankruatsteve. Crossy the mod must have the patience of a saint.


Appears all the real knowledgeable have left the DIY section leaving a bunch of Google parrots fighting for pole position. Crossy the ex ticket machine fixer places himself well above his station.


They provide daily amusement. Its the place where ex bus drivers get to be engineers and exercise their non existent discussion skills. You can get away with anything when your audience is not too smart.


poor old crossy trying to keep up with the times its really embarrassing to watch at times


he is trying to keep up and impress with electronic projects copied from youtube lol it does impress the bus drivers though

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