I only thing to remember is that this is not a news or information site. It all about revenue and advertising.

The Moderators are very biased and ban any conversation that doesn't boost revenue.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Thai Visa Cons: Poor moderation, Moderator sheryl and her henchmen, Bunch of ah moderators.

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Dead forum


thaivisa dead now place fill with angry very old people think they know all about everything please many better place for your thailand information now. it you smart do not use this forums too may advert with dangerous link


And the fake lost passport posts keep rolling in. You would think they would come up with something more original to bait the clicks. Tick tock forum is dead.


Just found these rant posts - stopped posting at thaivisa back in 2005 way too many thick dumb people bickering like kids. Site gives the bored sad acts like Transam amused, not the sharpest tools in the shed. Visa section can be useful for those bending the rules, rest is usless trash.


Transam and Nyeshov are sad losers who like to front up that they are playboy winners. With their tales of cars, birds, and money when most probably in reality that are fat,slob geriatrics slumped over a computer frantically tapping away to tell the world how good they are. Sad f&cks


Removing senile old codgers like CharlieH from moderation would improve the forum no end the guy has no idea and moderates like a London jobs worth traffic warden with its brain knocked out.


Thaivisa is on the way out, with the latest failure to provide decent mobile application a clear indication. Old school moderation through personal agendas, poor site admin and clueless spiv owner who has failed to move with the times.

When Thaivisa rolls over and dies, Facebook or similar will take over for Visa information. Anything else is just click bait or nonsense to keep a bunch of bored old expats occupied.

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