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First review of Thai Visa they take down because name names - ok I take out names and try post again. Some users here think I work for them or am farang- NOT TRUE. I win POTY I work hard put Thai view to many members - not have business or try to make money bad way. But no mods start to hate me when they happy before. The place no good show bad about Thailand when problem for many is they have bad life, drink too much and marry prostitutes.

My name Yinn.

Thaivisa just ban me. 55555****

The reason

1) xxxxxxxx is the translator.

He lies MOST story he translate from Neow Na, daily news, manager etc.

The idiots members all belief the lie. He do it for click bait.

Then complain about thailand. Not true thing.

He slander a doctor and a judge. I email them.

Show what he say. They angry. So much.

The judge tell me his name is xxxxxx He live in xxxxxxx

xxxx mod warn me not show when he lie translation.

But I do it= ban

Now I have spare time. I start make Facebook page. I am translate the English foreigner say about thai people. It will be popular.

I have 1135 Facebook friend.


Translate what they say about Thai people, woman, etc.

Real translate.

Also have photo xxxxxxx from Ubon.

Not know his name yet. Think will know tomorrow.

And some more.

User's recommendation: Keep away if you like Thailand.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Thai Visa Pros: Free.

Thai Visa Cons: Moderators are scumbags, Lies, Say bad things about thailand.

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Dead forum.


LOL. Now we have a fake Yinn at pissed consumer pretending to be the fake Yinn that got banned from thaivisa. Get a life for F sake


and your point is?


Now we have a fake Yinn at pissed consumer pretending to be the fake Yinn that got banned from thaivisa.


Aww how sweet, you were getting off on the fantasy and actually thought she was real.


Hello Brian, you got away with it for quite some time. Me Yinn I saspeak englit and have book with big word. LOL


I help many people understand Thai people but too many old farang who drink to much and think all Thai woman *** bad mouth me too much. If I not real they not ban me. Who is Brian ?


You are a fake now run along and be a good child.


I hia YOU ! Get a life Brian. love YINN POTY 2019


Maybe the loneliest loser poster Jingthing reported you as he always gets rid of many good and interesting newer posters. You should have reported him for being the single most reason people don’t post in TVF:


Go girl go....


I did wonder where you had got to. What is the neam of your facebook group and is that really your picture?

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