I was active on Thai Visa for years, earning lots of likes. This continued as I got into the political posts in the News forums.

To my surprise, I was suspended for expressing my political views (I supported Trump). Eventually I was BANNED by none other than UBONJOE! Yes, ubonjoe, the mod who has an undeservedly good reputation among Thai Visa readers. The reason?

"We told you several times to stop supporting Trump in the political discussions. You did not.


So there you have it. Ubonjoe is as bad as Scott, JingThing, Craig, and all the rest of the them on Thai Visa.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Thai Visa Pros: Some members posts.

Thai Visa Cons: Poor moderation by ubonjoe.

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I too have had posts that don't suit his narrative deleted he wont allow a balance he protect his idiot buddies in that forum


He lost any edge he's had in the past with the recent changes concerning retirement visa extensions. One of the posters, Tanoshi, did a great job coming up with some sensible info, UJ just stood there, open mouthed.


Possibly worse than some of the others.I am having fun now betting on how long it will take him to edit or remove my comments. According to him they are either "inflammatory" or "nonsense". At worst I tend to be "tongue in cheek" on occasion.He must me such a sad fellow, with mediocre IQ.


He got ballistic when I said the on line 90 days report was a piece of crap. Soon after I ended up be banned for some innocent joke.


You claim they said"We told you several times to stop supporting Trump in the political discussions. You did not."Bullshit ! As much as I can't stand those mods I don't believe that crap.


Trying to play cleanup here again, Scott?You have brought this on yourself. Read through these reviews.

Realize that you are the one who has caused all this hate and discontent. One day you will see yourself for what you really are.Oh, and by the way, ubonjoe IS as bad as all the rest.


Playing cleanup again here, Scott? You brought this all on yourself.

One day you will wake up and realize who and what you really are. I doubt if you will be able to handle it.BTW Ubonjoe is as bad as all the rest.


Ubonjoe has had the standard Gestapo training in the past but I dont think it went to his head same as many of the others. Ubonjoe now has a pet parrot in the visa section named elviajero who is for sure waiting for a mod offer. Scary thought him becoming a mod.


More dumb moderation from the blunt tool Rimmer.TVisa news posts article about a Pattaya fire in English and Thai language. Seven hours earlier a member posts a video of the same fire in the Pattaya forum and gets pulled up by Rimmer for posting duplicate news and breaking forum rules for including Thai language Its hardly surprising members are pissed with the lame moderation.


What ever happened to the Craig guy? Did he voluntarily drop out after not being able to win POTY?Their was a mentioned even his family was “ threatened” but it was a known fact that when he was a mod he would also post on topics and then come back as a mod and remove or even suspend those who differed with him.

What a first class Dweeb!

I thought maybe one of his computers filled with links may have hit his head and killed him. He had more links than a sausage company!


Darksidedog has recently completed the Gestapo training and is now fully unleashed and going through the first stage of rule book obsession.


Join the multi name clan by creating several accounts and learn the art of subtle baiting. There are so many fake replies and topics on TV its really not a place that should be taken seriously and that includes home of the made up stories Visa section. All TV mods receive automatic membership to the *** Jockey Club, never forget this fact.


I have 9 accounts 555**** best part is baiting that fat baht bus queen .... The day they ban him and Scotty the forum will improve


You are not as clever as you think you are. Believe me.


Neither are you, "Scott."


Wanna bet ? Catch me if you can lol


It’s not like you set the bar very high, moron.

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