I was suspended for filing a REPORT on the anti-male bias of one of the posters. The mod was Sheryl, someone who has a good reputation, but that's because she gets the others to do her dirty work.

She farmed it out to one of the henchmen and he suspended me. If you do not buy into Thaivisa's liberal, feminist, pro-*** view of life, you will be banned or suspended. Be careful with Sheryl as she is not overt, but is cunning in her anti-male, pro feminist ways. Again, she gets other mods to do her dirty work for her.

Worthless site due to her and many other mods. It looks like none of this will matter anyway as the snowflakes that run Thaivsa are a dwindling minority.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Thai Visa Pros: Info provided by posters.

Thai Visa Cons: Moderator sheryl and her henchmen.

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I disagree.


I don't


OP i wouldnt worry i was suspended multiple times by Scott for reporting his boyfriends Jingtings troll posts

For the most part all the mods on ThaiVisa are dysfuntional individuals with delusions of power

I read with amusment a reply from on here from "Scott" that he will investigate, no he will not, he is one of worst for playing agendas, he is blowing smoke up your butt


Got it.


If you tell me what the comment was about, I'll look into it and revert.


So I made an offer to appeal an action I had taken but nobody wanted that. Just moan and complain. Typical.


Your past actions indicate you will use any additional information to ban the OP from Thaivisa Forum.


You were not the suspending mod.


Why have you not banned JT - Reggie ?

It's a disgrace he's still posting and he needs to go maintain the site.

Do we need to contact the Nation ?


Reggie and JT are comrades and Reggie will never ban JT. That would smack of fairness and integrity. Reggie will only ban heterosexuals.

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