This moderator seems bent on a one man mission to ban forum members and remove posts purely for the fun of it. When you look at his own posting record, he is argumentative and often baits other members with his views.

As a moderator, he should be unbiased and not become involved in heated discussions. He normally ends these by banning a member and deleting threads. He has a track record of complaints and while I realise that a forum must back it's moderators, this one is actually harming the forum. Other moderators act fairly and take an even view of the threads they moderate but Scott i different.

He seems to enjoy the power of moderation. ThaiVisa, wake up and look at your moderators records.

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Yea, I just got "suspended" from TV because this idiot didnt like what i had to say. Post was on topic but he felt it necessary to "fact check me" with lies.


Scott and Jingthing are the same people or are lovers.


He is a complete *** he even posted these exact words to another poster last week

"Well I'm not going to get into a *** contest with the chronically uninformed "

As a poster someone else would get suspended by these words. Could you imagine saying that to Scott!

He is so over the top sensitive that if you disagree with him on some topic within a week or so you will get suspended for barely making a comment.

Then he will say another poster objected to it. Usually it's the girl jinglejew or something.


What does Scott's glory hole have to do with anyone?

Anyway we've brought our *** little lapdog out of retirement to divert attention from the other cretins working here.

Be careful not to catch rabies from him!


got to agree, scott is a pain in the ***, he deletes anything he doesnt agree with himself.


Fair enough. I agree Scott is hopelessly wrong for the job: a ThaiVisa moderator must have some affinity with the forum's predominantly straight members; he should understand issues pertaining to Thailand's large Muslim minority (and certainly not display any sort of religious or ethnic bias); and he ought to espouse a work ethic that commands respect (in a recent post Scott declared that he hates working, and feels most men feel likewise).


In simple English, Scott is a *** and a ***. And he's the kind of *** straight men despise.


But this website isn't the correct vehicle to take things further. I see now this site has zero credibility.

As others have observed, it's an extortion scam.

----- If you want to complain (and frankly I don't as I have better things to do), perhaps write to Dan CheeseBurger. Then again, I suspect that'll get you nowhere as I doubt Mr Cheeseburger even exists. And I don't think you'll have much luck writing to Dan CheeseSandwich, either.

----- The truth is this: non-niche forums are dying.

ThaiVisa is about to descend into a morass of overtly monetized clickbait shyte. With or without Scott, ThaiVisa's "glory days" are over.


What is amusing are that Thai Visa posters attack the current administration in Thailand backed by Thai Visa.com mods concerning presumed censorship and the suppression of free speech and then a super *** mod who banned a long time poster. Scott based his actions by saying it was due to a review of the account account of that long time poster.

Not of course anything to do with the fact that that long time poster is a mod and a regular poster on another site who let their members air their grievances without let or hindrance.

There are now moves afoot to report Thai Visa to the authorities for its interference in internal political matters by non Thais.


when, where and how do I join into the reporting thai visa? more than willing to add my name to the list.


Scott is not the only moderator who should be fired from Thai Visa, Methead and a few others also suffer from facist dictator syndrome


The only other "rogue" moderator I'm aware of was a complete tool called CDN VIC. He was the ultimate keyboard warrior, but appears to be off the scene these days.

A while back they had another sodomite moderator called Ijustwannawankoff.

He was obviously inappropriate as far as ThaiVisa's predominately "straight" community is concerned, but certainly didn't have a chip on his shoulder.

Sadly, long gone are the days when George and Dr PP oversaw things. I still have fond memories of "The Wall" and Soi Mahesak.


This is why quite a few of us have simply given up posting. The mods have been running wild for weeks and there is no recourse.

Can't be bothered any more. Let them just sit there and moderate one another - Advertisers take note...


I see now what's going on here. I see where the scam really lies.

Sure, ThaiVisa may or may not be perfect, but be sure to read this:



What does that have to do with the Thai Visa site?


The poster your responding to is a Thai Visa mod shrill posting on here and attacking people who complain about Thaivisa, and will start getting nasty and hurling insults


I can see what's going on here as well. Thai Visa have created so many enemies over the years they are now coming back to *** them on the ***.

Hope anyone silly enough to consider advertising on their site thinks twice. They have a long rep for ripping customers off and they should be charged with fraud for the lies they tell about their membership numbers and their circulation.




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