Moderators such as Scott and Metisdead are out of control and are killing the site, it's dropped in the Alexa rankings from position 1,200 to 2,034 and is now only number 343 in Thailand. It's no wonder the site is dying with such heavy-handed moderators who make up their own rules as they go along.

Drunk overseas posters create mayhem in the small hours and troll along with impunity, whilst local posters are allowed to criticise all things Thai, which is a real turn off for newer posters looking for information about the country. Moderation on TVF has got it back to front, the sooner there's a wholesale replacement of them AND new moderation guidelines are written and enforced, the sooner the site will become useful again and its ranking improve. Admin?

It's probably great as an advertiser interface but it's totally useless at ensuring site integrity. There's absolutely no valid reason why advertisers would want to spend their hard earned revenue advertising on that site, it would be pointless.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Can't disagree with any of the above.

TV Was once a good interesting place to go, full of good information and even a good fun place to kill a few hours before beer o'clock, trolling the Thaier-than-thou types, the Thai haters or the Digital pikey set.

Sadly, now it is controlled by left-wing Homosexuals and their chums, criminals of various guises, and {{Redacted}} posing as 'respectable' citizens. As with all good things in Thailand, the people behind them get greedy and screw them up beyond all recovery, such has happened at TVF, especially when they let opinion and truth die to give credence to the scams and rip offs of their pals and sponsors like Mac Walen and Drew Noyes....


I used to spend time on ThaiVisa every day, but it has changed noticeably in the past 9 months / year in a negative way. Content is horrible and the Mods, two in particular Scott and Metisdead, have serious issues. I've quit visiting the site so often, there are better options out there.


Although i have never been an offical member, i have lurked and read Thaivisa a lot over the last 18 years while living Thailand and does appear the moderarors are way out of control and surely killing that site

Reading some of the posts and questions it seems many of the posters do not live in Thailand and maybe only visit on holidays and pass themselves as experts of all things Thai as seem to have no clue what they talk about most of the time

I also think many of the accounts are "fake" accounts to drive up member numbers in an attempt to drive up advertising revenue, not suprising when you look at who founded Thai Visa....a farang visa crook with multiple names...George, Lars or what ever name he uses now...

So a fake site with fake members pushing fake and biased stories and posts, founded by a man who sold fake Thai visas to tourists...

What could go wrong ?


How about if the potential advertiser had a masochistic streak, would advertising on TVF then be recommended? I mean if they really wanted to waste money with no potential benefits, it could be perfect??


Mod Rimmer is a bit of an *** hole as well! Health and Visa info is all it is good for.

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