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Metisdead is an example of how moderators on Thaivisa are intellectually challenged, biased and also compromise their position by taking apart in discussions on Thaivisa. If anyone disagrees with them they are suspended for debating moderation.

Time and again moderators on the T V site see themselves as untouchables who promulgate an agenda of their own - they don't moderate at all.... they wind up other users - the web site needs to review - and dismiss - their moderating staff on masse. and replace them with people who at least have passed some kind of literacy test and some course in critical thinking.

I would love to know where these "moderators" live - but I'm sure they live in fear of being identified - if anyone has contact details of the *** who moderate on Thaivisa, I'd love to hear from them. These people need to be told directly what low-lifes they really are

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Methhead is a retard of the highest order a corrupt Aussie copper who got busted


Don't waste your time kei splatters when you hit it


I thought Craig#### (forget the numbers he uses) quit being a Mod a few months ago. He's become a more frequent, active participant in global news threads but if he doesn't like or agree with a comment, he appears to log off then re-appear as "Moderator01", shuts down the User(s) disagreeing with his view, then returns again to the conversation again as Craig####.

No problem is there are valid reasons to moderate but the few occasions I've seen him jump in and out of the "mod" role when it suits him, seemed rather immature and unprofessional.

But then again, it's ThaiVisa, which has standards on par with the Thai police force. :-)


Any chance they can be republished?


THe guy is a bigot and a fool and needs to be dismissed.


The details you seek are freely availble on the web have a look at exposedinthailand.wordpress.com and all will be revealed


The site/page has been taken down.


That's a real shame, I'd love to know where some of those mods live.


That sounds pretty *** Why would you want to know where they live? What are you going to do?

Come on, mate, it's a bloody website. An anonymous one at that.

Don't get so worked up about it.


A reasonable middle ground might be to ease the Moderators absolute personal power and their abuse of it by changing the suspension policy.

A website I am a member of which is based in USA has good moderation and a good policy of suspensions. The Mods have authority only to block a member from the particular thread, not from the entire board and all the other threads.

A posting member of the website gets prohibited from the thread only and for the life of the thread. If you get banned from three threads, you get a general suspension. However, the general suspension is never for more than 7 dayze.

Yes ThaiVisa exists under the military-monarchy dictatorship, however, anyone who criticises the monarchy is anyway immediately banned for life. Criticise the military dictatorship and you get banned for a month or more.

Ok, that might be understandable.

But when one poster says a thread topic is clickbait, and a Mod decides to suspend the poster from the whole board for 10 dayze or 14 dayze -- or more time -- what good is that. If the Lords of Discipline Mods are going to suspend the poster, then why not only from the particular thread?

Bottom line is that the Mods absolute personal power to be Lords of Discipline must be radically reduced.

@Josaiah Ieu

"Criticise the military dictatorship and you get banned for a month or more."

BS ! That poxy forum was riddled with comments criticising the Government, there are members on there who specialize in it, that's all they ever do.

They are paid boilerroom trolls who work for whoever is against the Government of the day, probably the Shin family.

These trolls are not banned, or even suspended, warned or have comments removed, they are encouraged because it feeds the clickbait farm. Asswipes like tbthailand have posted thousands of comments on that forum over the years on one subject, criticising the Military Government, so don't try telling people they are banned for doing so, that is an absolute lie.

There are a host of other trolls who infest that forum who daily post comments that are anti-government, pos like MZurf and LannaGuy.

@Josaiah Ieu

I got suspended for commenting on the quality (lack thereof) of a "news" story and TBH, wasn't near as bad as some of the others in the same vain. I was sentenced for the high crime of commenting on moderation in the public forum.

I didn't comment on moderation at all and I was sat there reading the nonsensical suspension notice with a mixture of disbelief and eventual amusement.

I surmised Scott was "triggered" by the cumulative criticism and by the time he got to my comment, he started swinging the axe. Oh well.

@Josaiah Ieu

Not true about the military posts. I'm surprised what they allow on the site.

I wouldn't even" like" a comment even if I thought it was true.

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