I am currently having exactly the same problem with the moderator known as Metisdead as you did, started the beginning of August has got progressively worse since I made a reference to Andrew Drummond article in complete innocence.

The man (and I use that term loosely and with tongue in cheek) has a god complex and obviously no life other that living out his despot fantasies day and night slumped over a keyboard somewhere. Pretty sad really, did your mummy or daddy not show you enough love Alan?

Can we help?

Is my grammar and spelling correct? Do you need me to post a link?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Glasgow, Glasgow City

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Any mention of AD leads to at least a warning, if not what they laughingly call a 'holiday' in their attempts to be amusing.

If they consider you a 'repeat offender' probably a holiday especially if you mention they ate hand in hand with some very iffy characters, let alone employing a few.


Metisdead is a nasty vindictive ***, he doesn't allow Koh Tao topics to run their course, he's banned several decent contributors, but allows clearly paid Shills to defend their "buttered bread" as in the RTP.


If the story is true, the moderator your talking about is a known kiddy fiddler, as are a few other moderators on TV

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