I've been a member of Thaivisa forum since 2005 and one thing has remained consistent during that time, Metisdead as forum moderator is working to his own personal agenda rather than for the good of the forum or its members. Other moderators, many of whom I know personally and most of whom are very fair and reasonable, admit that MiD is on his own personal crusades - even Admin admits there is a significant problem with the inconsistency of moderation with one or two moderators being at the heart of the problem.

It's all really too bad because the forum is extremely useful for many people, there comes a time however when the benefit and fun gained from using a site is outweighed by the difficulty caused by a single moderator, then is the time to leave.

When you have a single moderator who is incapable of keeping his personal biases in check and is vindictive to boot, the future of the site can only be in one direction and that's downhill. chiang mai

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Retired oil and gas or ex cop, who knows and who cares. But by becoming a TV Moderator he's been promoted way above his competency level, if he had any decency he'd resign for the sake of the forum and its membership.


No one likes me I don't care waaaaah I get to go to Macro once a week so there!


Wow, an expert on TVF labels Thai's as children and always looking to blame others, that says it all.


Yes. Metisdead is a ***.

And his/her bias shows.

Nothing "moderate" about him/her.

It appears he/she is very bitter and angry.

No surprise, given the fact that he/she has ended up in life being a TV moderator.


Metisded is not the only one. cdnvic is a complete tool, a total package, as it were. The *** was probably raped as a little boy.


After seven warnings from the same vindictive moderator it's not surprising he threw a tantrum, I'd have thrown a fit!


Self-absorbed old men are like children and Thais, always looking to blame something or somebody else. 7 warnings and an eventual ban or long suspension, says more about the Member than it does the Mod.

TVF did, however, conduct a purge earlier this year.

CM has managed to keep it together as Simoh. Tick Tock, Tick Tock the hands go round and round, it's just a matter of time before a melt-down.


7 warnings make a poster sound bad but 7 warnings over 12 years puts it in context, something some mods. are rarely able to do.

But 7 warnings from the same mod. over a short period of time speaks volumes about the mod!


The tantrum prone TVF member Chiang mai, has been reincarnated as Simoh1490.


And what happened? He got banned yet again and by whom, Metisdead of course, who else....the mans on a mission.

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