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I've been a member with many posts since 2005 and was warned then dismissed first by Scott, now Metisdead is trying to get rid of me. And not for the first time.

It's easy to rely on forum rule bla bla ba. It's in the members who are "more advanced' and live here forever that makes the forum to what it is. But please never try to be honest, it's not allowed. If a moderator doesn't like you, it's basically your end.

No matter how many thousand posts you've written, how many people you've helped, even when some of them were close to commit suicide. I was helping people who weren't good with computers, spent a long time writing what to do to solve the problem, following the progress of it to make sure that the problem is solved. Then the members who've got a wife with the HIV virus who urgently need help when they find out that you know a lot about the problem because your own wife has this virus.

I've had three usernames, my posts were mostly liked but there are always people who are a sort of connected with Metisdead, or Scott. These three Moderators shouldn't be allowed to moderate anything, because they don;t care, even when they were wrong.

It happened to me as well that i had a posting holiday for one week, because I put smiley next to a mod's post, just because I liked it that he deleted the post of a Thai basher. but I was the idiot. Once you're banned. or on a posting holiday, you can't get in touch with anybody and should you wait for an important answer, you can';t even send a private message to anybody you know.

I know life isn;t fair and more and more people who are living in Thailand have huge problems they feel they have to discuss with others. But if you can't continue to talk to a guy who was planning to commit suicide and you don;t know his e-mail address you'll know what i mean.

i think it';s time to stop trying to help others and do something else. Sorry if my post was so long, I thought it's useful to understand some points.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yup metisdead is the worst of the coffin dodgers on that site. Racist , xenophobic bore - no problem - tell it like the way it is get banned repeatedly.

I've given up on it now - let it rot in peace. Thai Visa Forum can go to *** !


Scott and Metisdead and perhaps Rimmer should have the coppers in their house for working without a work permit. Superteacher Scott who's always acting like he knows all about teaching is only trying to get some boys he can molest. People, who post that such people should be removed from schools then get a posting holiday?> Makes perfect sense, does it?


I know how you feel. You have already 3 user name so you know what is going on don't come here to cry like baby about how nobody think you are good or helpful.

If Metisdead and Scott chasing you, it is because what you have done to catch thier eye to many times.

They also can tell it is you, same as before user name was banned. Dont think to much its only a internet website, you take it to serious now but its your own fault really.


I've helped quite a few people who, or their wives had contracted HIV, when they understood that I knew the topic I received countless questions to a sad topic. I've helped foreigners to receive a certain blood type after accidents, or before operations, which can be hard work.

I'm volunteering for an organization that helps certain nationals if they encounter an emergency situation, so I'm pretty often at Thai hospitals, help family members when somebody had passed away. I've given a lot of good advice on how to fix computers/ explain notebook issues, regardless of hard,- or software problems without having a personal gain, I'm similar to my mom who did help others as well. Metisdead hates me personally and the reason might be that a lot of people like my posts, I don't really know and wasting any thoughts about Metisdead is wasted time in my eyes. Isn't it already difficult enough to have problems living in an Asian country, then seeking help, just to find out that you were sent on a posting holiday because you had written something that wasn;t against any forum rules, the guy just wanted to show his muscles?

It's time to move on. Thank you for your reply.


Yeah, I'm sure that's all it was. Innocent boy scout.

Sniff Sniff. So unfair.


Thaivisa is a fantasy world for bitter twisted old men. You should not take it seriously in any shape or form and that includes the visa section.

It is riddled with fake posts, some from attention seekers others from fake click generating accounts and then theres the joker and bashing garbage to keep up plus counts. Fake posts fake people period.


Not all people become old men, when I moved to Thailand I was 43 and thought that I was young. The time flies by and all in a sudden, but only if you're lucky, you're sitting there with a 47-year-old wife after 15 years of marriage and you find out that you basically have not much in common.

Teaching English has become a joke when more and more agencies pop up faster than mushrooms and try to rip off people by paying an 8 to 9-month salary. Not all are butter twisted men, a lot of them are honest guys with real problems. But nobody really gives a flying one, because of their *** news stories about a man who married a boy in a village ceremony and paid 10 million baht in dowry, seems to be more important than somebody's post who's seeking help. I'll continue to help as long as I can, but I've also realized that many of the former posters are gone and many new ones are so full of *** that it's not even worth to read their problem after their fourth marriage to a Thai.

I hope that Metisdead will wake up one day and see Marx next to him, starting an argument with him.But you are so right, there are fake posts, fake people who found Fake money made up a fake story and that's how they kept a thread open for months.

Even when it was obvious that it wasn't true. Thanks for your honest reply and have a nice time wherever you are.


Are you one of those helpful white knights in shining armour?


Are you one of these people who are the reason why I left the circus?


I don't know. Am I?

You sound like a bit of a Nancy Boy if you let a few blokes run you off an anonymous website then come here to moan about it.

Grow a pair you Nancy Boy. 555!

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