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I was on the point of bailing out of TV, but they beat me to it, and banned me for no worse than the leftards post daily. It's a Trump hatefest, aided and abetted by leftie moderators. A recent thread was, "Do you want Trump to finish his first term", where anything but a 'yes' or 'no' response is off topic, but the leftards, with their poisoned minds, pour scorn on Trump for anything and everything, including his liking for burgers!!

Trump threads are clickbait to show thousands of hits for their advertisers, with leftards posting petty garbage, and anybody who says a positive word about Trump faces suspension/ban.

They won't close an account on request, but do ban.....the reason? They can use a banned member, but not a closed account, as a stat for advertisers....{{Redacted}}!

If you lean left, politically, and hate Trump, then TV is the place for you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Moderator.

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FOX viewers should not associate or attempt conversation with the rest of us.It's a cult of ignorance.


Sorry, leftard is out, and left *** chardonnay socialists, bleeding hearts, are in!!Contribute nothing of value to any forum Northpiel? Just as you did?? Got it.


Anyone who uses that stupid term Leftard deserves to be banned, sounds like a racist pos who is never going to contribute anything of value to any forum. Probably a Pom or South Efrikaan


Now who can this be ? Let's see he uses the stupid terms leftards and lefties and attacks the left and defends that racist pos Trump So it must be that disgruntled Saffa who never forgave TVF for banning him and causing him to run away howling like a wee girly and starting his own little forum.

Which he runs like a little jackbooted Nazi. He will be lost if this site ever closes down, he has been whining on here for about three years now.


I know this is off topic but can someone please take away the superman suit and emoji toy box from the guy named transam. People who dance too much often have ulterior motives.


Leave the poor guy alone. He is a old retired truck driver doing what old retired truck drivers do best. Not much.


That the redneck car guy from England who thinks he is American and keeps using the word ride. Sits all day waiting for the motoring section to light up. Watched too many US tv shows me thinks


Turn it into a sport and enjoy a few minutes each day indirectly irritating the high count keyboard warriors with hit and run posts that stay under the radar.


Jingthing is the biggest bully on TVf how is he allowed to stay ? I simply read the new section now and I will never ever post again.


She has ruined more threads and is an over the top drama queen who can’t give it a rest. I guess if you post stupid topics like “ why can’t they weigh 300 grams of salmon for my bagel correctly” then TVF let’s you spread immature garbage all over the forum. She must be the single highest reason for so many good people to stay away, quit or just not post When is someone going to post a pic of this *** ugly key board warrior!!


Pics are out there and you really can read the book from its cover.


Pics of the Baht bus queen ? I'd pay to see His Royal Fatness.I understand a former member is about to tell all about the Jomtien BBQ and his mental disabilities.


Sounds like you are the snowflake. Not a Saffa as well are you ? They are the worst kind


Apparently he's screwing one of the mods, and/or vv, name starts with S, then four more letters

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