I have been suspended yet again from Thaivisa for stating the truth as I see it. Moderator Scott is factually incorrect. The Australian 60 minutes program where they got attacked by immigrants was not a set-up no matter what left wing activists claimed. Remember back 2 years ago they also claimed no-go zones did not exist! On a World News forum where wishing a slow death to President Trump is fine and allowed, my respectful comments breaking no forum rules are not.

Anyway here is the full comments from this out of touch and ignorant moderator. Enjoy. Scott."Penalty

Restricted from posting - 1 month and 1 day

Note for member

You are on a 30 day suspension for off-topic, troll, inflammatory and posts which are false. Many of your posts have been reported or removed. The most recent post was this:"

My post" This is a pure propaganda piece. Counting the last statistics about immigrant crime from 2005? Really? It is avoiding the obvious I'm afraid. For them to say the no go zones are just a bit difficult is ridiculous, how many news crews have now gone to Swedish no go zones to prove they are safe only to be attacked and the police are useless. The Australian 60 minutes news crew was my favourite, they were less than 2 seconds on the street at one of these no go zones when the cameraman was run over by a car. What did the police do? Have a guess."

Scott. "As pointed out by another member(simple1), the situation was a set up. You also had a series of off-topic, troll posts. Here are a few, again they were reported:"

my post"This is a real bone of contention. The morally righteous, skilled, gifted and talented amongst us Europeans are too busy working like dogs, paying our taxes to support the politicians immigration games, leaving us no time not to mention being too tired and stressed to have kids. The lazy dole bludgers lie around all day in their free apartments knowing full well they will be financially rewarded for popping out more and more offspring. This is the exact opposite of natural selection, the state is playing a very dangerous game with this nonsense. Do you have any idea of how terrible the inbreeding problem is these days in some immigrant communities, and the health consequences of it all? The solution to this low birth rate is to reward the natives to have kids. Not difficult. The real question is why does Merkel and co not encourage the natives to have families? "

Scott"You also made a number of completely off-topic posts in the topic about Huckabee-Sanders and the Red Hen Restaurant thread. Your posts were about the bathroom policy at Starbucks. Here's some of what you posted:"

my post"Starbucks just announced it is closing 150 outlets primarily in urban areas. Also been reports of homeless junkies and other dross using the retail outlets as their living room after the stupidity inviting all and sundry to enjoy loitering and using the restrooms at their leisure. Red Hen will go the same way. Not sure why this is funny? Virtue signal to a gang of pathetic fascists and get your bottom line spanked hard.


did not include a link because the topic is not about Starbucks per se, it is about another extreme lefty company doing silly things which will backfire. But seeing as you accuse me of making stuff up(do you not have access to google?)


and as for blood and junkies in the new Starbucks


We haven’t been allowed to change our bathroom codes since April. So almost all the junkies and homeless people know the code now. About once a week we find needles, drug baggies, blood all over the toilet or walls,” the user wrote. The point is, Red Hen should stop with the hate and fascistic behavior and serve every customer. Acting against Americans like Starbucks to impress a few of the fringe far left is not clever and does not profit the company in the long haul. apologies for this sligthly off topic post, just gets boring being accused of making stuff up every time a good point is made."

final comment - everybody please copy/paste your warnings from this moderation team. Wish I started this earlier :)

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Report is the only way. Who wants to argue with and step over simpleton posts while trying to read threads unless of course you have nothing more than a forum in your life.


Wheel on the mouse works just fine for me. No use trying to make yourself sound superior, and besides, the OP here did a rallying cry on THIS site to members of ANOTHER site to "load up your ignore list while they are on the surface".

Yeah, he sounds like a real winner with "a life". LMAO!


Act like the children get treatment for children - ignore report ban.


Looks like you stirred some blunt tools. Fing and fingy, what chance have we got.


You should check out the essential TV ignore list on Facebook because from the style of your writing theres a good chance you are on it. Kind regards, Nancy Boys.


No idea what you're talking about but as you've made a reference to Facebook, you have even less credibility than your chosen namesake suggests.


You appear to have stirred up the bottom.


Yet, here YOU are, repeated visits to boost your confidence. You ought to change your screen name to D Kruger. 555!


Here I am again confidence boosted just for predictable old you . Yawn


Each response from you confirms the prognosis.


Tell me about it. I tried defending my offer of assistance with our submersible on this crazy forum and had my post deleted for "trolling". Consulting with legal team on how best to proceed but this is not finished, not by a long way.


Well if its any consolation someone has started a Jingthing topic on GPlus with some fat fruity content and request for more. It will eventually get picked up by the SE and become an easy keyword search.


Oh goody. Pictures of a fat farang arriving in a baht bus to save 2 baht on 5 baht hot dogs from a street urchin.


What is the exact address of the website you are referring to?That girl is such a major loser I want to see the fat pigs face and body outed pics. This person has ruined so many topics and is just a pig.


DManning and Brian78.The terms PIG and LOSER are borderline defamation and thus banned for use in certain CONTEXT! I am the only member authorised to approve them, and further, I may use these terms any time, for any reason, at my discretion.

NOT YOU!Cease and desist NOW or you WILL be on my IGNORE LIST. Bear in mind, if I do that, you shall be banned from posting by Scott, for violation of rule 69. The only way to be re-instated is to apologise to me in a PM. If I accept, I will direct Admin Support to unlock your account and then you must post a public apology to me in the relevant thread.GOT IT?


DO NOT force my hand. You have been WARNED!


You are a loser, pig and a snowflake. Is that allowed sometimes?


NO! It is not allowed at any time, except for ME, I can do what I please.

GOT IT? You are playing with fire, dude.

Thaivisa is MY forum, so BACK OFF! This is my FINAL warning to you.


I didn't think any of your comments were inflammatory, unless you edited them.And don't feel bad. Everybody knows Simple1 is a wanna-be {{Redacted}} who smashes the report button all the time, same as that punk called jingthing.

There are a few others, they are easy to suss out.Scott will lie and fabricate fake ground work to justify action when in truth, it's just him who didn't like what someone had to say. He does it ALL THE TIME, he doesn't even give it a second thought. Because there's no oversight. When you look at how Scott operates, the mental gymnastics and lies, you can see a parallels to the Thai Junta and Donald Trump.

It seems similar because it is. Scott's machinations say more about him than he knows, and he can't know because he's impervious to criticism and reality. I'm sure he thinks his world news thread is the best, and has the best moderation when in fact, the truth is the exact opposite. There's that Prayuth and Trump thing again.TVF will make you angry, cynical, less tolerant and unsociable.

Take this time to clear your head.

Log out and DO NOT VISIT Thaivsisa during your suspension. I promise, you WILL feel better after 1 week and by the end of your month suspension, you won't want to re-immerse yourself into that disgusting soup because you know it's poisonous and will make you sick again.


thanks - i did edit to include simple1 in brackets. otherwise all was as is.

Final note. After posting this review my Freddie Royle account is permanently banned, 555 how satisfying. Which other account to start using? decisions decisions.

Seems the moderation team are keenly observing this pissedconsumer site. :)


To be expected, mate. They are obsessive, vindictive and petty.

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