Theres a libtard called Jingthing on a forum called Thai Visa his logo is a rip off of batman with Muller on it. He is protected by what is speculated to be the taker in the *** relationship 'Scott'. Scott is a coward with speculation of some degree of mental instability.

If you post anything mildly right of centre you will be given banning point a ban and some sarcastic comment about re education of the rules.

Obviously both these lib tards are scared of real debate as they have lost the battle in conversation so can no longer debate anything.

I have posted both their full details as they are well known for being a strange *** couple on Reddit so if you were inclined to trol the libtards it's easy just open a thai visa account and fire away.

You will be banned so use your onion vp to open lots of accounts.

Happy hunting


Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Moderator.

Location: London, England

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Metisdead would brighten my day along with Charlie H for Halfwit


Jingthing + Scott are one moronic combination


I hear jingthing is panicking over some new embassy rules.


He’s disgusting I wouldn’t let him babysit for me at all from what is on his Facebook.


You are full of *** You don't have his FB or a baby to sit.


Horrible forum full of bored argumentative misfits. Here's a old comment that sums the thaivisa forums perfectly :- I really cant see intelligent people with any kind of life frequenting sexpat forums like Thaivisa.

Loaded with cut and paste click-bait topics followed by very little or no sensible discussion, its nothing more than a old working mans shout box where empty vessels make much noise.

I imagine moderators as grumpy old expats with personal agendas who found the www quite late in life. By Kim July 18


Yes its hard to find topics without old men bickering and dribbling nonsense. Even the computer diy and motoring sections are washed with garbage from clueless fools. The smart activity is over on Facebook and the Tube these days so I guess thaivisa has been left with a bunch of old bottom feeders.


Thaivisa members, you got to love their made up stories and Google expertise. Sexpat comedy show well worth the occasional visit.


jingthing is a fat ugly sausage jockey with a nasty attitude problem and physical appearance quite capable of bringing up stomach contents.


Please send us pictures of him and links so we can chat with him.


I believe noddy is working on some jingthing fame so everyone can recognize it around patts


Please post a photo it would be a public service to see this idiots face so we can avoid him - mind you I'd like to tell him how's he destroyed a forum and created all this hate. He is the absolute worst poster on TVF and he's allowed to post what he wants by Scotty.

Liberal fool. Last I heard JT's name is Randall or something starting with an R - once he's outed he will disappear I'm sure of it.


Scott is Jingthing


I tend to agree - I complained once to Scot and within minutes JT sent one of his famous read and delete PM's - you know the one where he calls you every name then deletes it so there is no proof.


namby is correct. how does scott (jingting) delete a pm in your inbox? Can not.

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