There is some valuable information you can find in regards to Visas but be warned if you ask a question that you have a very good chance of getting nasty replies that provide incorrect information. You will also be told many incorrect things about Thailand by unhappy expats who appear to live and play only with other drunks and *** and whose ignorance has caused them to be very unhappy in Thailand.

They have brought their racist attitudes to the forum and their superior views because of their inability to be content and their feeling of being so much below Thais.

Of course their problems are not their own but the fault of Thai people and society. Sure these people exist everywhere but they are in abundance on Thaivisa.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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Horrible site filled with racist posters who have nothing good to say about their lives, Thailand or Thai people.


Just reading through some News items on Thaivisa and every poster's comment is bashing Thais and Thailand. What is amazing is these posters don't even know how *** and ignorant they sound as they try to show others how clever they are. What a sad site.


Thailand is chock full of thieving *** that do nothing but scam tourists. Look up statistics on how high the % is for tourists going to Thailand and end up dead under amazingly suspicious circumstances, obviously murdered, being thrown out of high motel windows or found suffocated with bags on their heads with hands tied behind their backs an yet the equally corrupt police force in that craphole country will always list it as a suicide lol.

If you want to be enticed by an attractive thai girl only to be smashed over the head by 4 dudes an thrown out a window then yes, definately visit beautiful Thailand lol. I'll pass thank you.

Those stinking *** are so xenophobic that they HATE every other race besides their own. Sure, some of them are nice, hard working people. But all too many of them live an breath robbing unwary tourists.


I take it you are a Thaivisa member or moderator.


Sounds like he has chosen to become involved with the lowest level of society in Thailand. Wonder what he would think of his own country if he only hung out with the lowest level of society or chose to believe the negative reports in the news represent all the people (or even a significant fraction) of his country men.

We can only hope he is not so ignorant as to hate a country and continue to live here or visit. One less ignorant whining racist farang is a good thing for Thailand.


What is so interesting is this poster doesn't even realize he is looking in the mirror when he speaks


Alas all you have is the old look in the mirror ploy despite the fact he's not the lying, cheating, thieving swindler. At Chulalongkorn they tried to not pay me from the first month in violation of a contract they expected me to honor, which was to edit papers in English for an international conference in Bangkok while teaching their English majors.

I confronted 'em and they paid. At another Thai college in Thailand I found out after a couple of weeks the Director and the whole faculty and staff charged parents the outrageous 100 baht a day for my 30 hours a week of packed classes while on the first payday they told me there was no money to pay me. The idiot Thais at the college believed I wouldn't find out either about their massive swindle of the parents and their total theft of 4 million baht, which is a measure of what stupid *** the thieving lying swindling Thais are there.

You're sticking up for the wrong side even though you yourself may well share in the spoils of it. Indeed, your broken mirror will tell the story.


Att. Anonymous Sep 16, 2013 #717472

You are exactly the type of brain dead, Thai bashing *** that many people who post complaints on this site are talking about.

I would bet my life that you are either one of the mods or you are a genuine mental deficient troll who has nothing better to with his miserable existence than post nasty anti thai comments on internet forums.

I would also bet that when those 4 dudes threw you out of that window you landed on your head. Pity it wasn't from the 50th floor you dropkick.

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