I thought it was just me, but now that I see other reviews on sitejabber about the ThaiVisa forum, I can see these issues are widespread on the site.

I have had my posts deleted by these Mods countless times, and have been temporarily banned on three occasions, accused of "promoting conspiracy theories", when, in fact, all I was doing was expressing a personal opinion that was backed up with links to highly qualified and well vetted sources of data.

The site is also heavily bloated with advertising, to the point where it's almost impossible to navigate the forum on your smart phone, AND it loads a lot of cookies, and I don't think it's unreasonable to suspect there might even be malware lurking on the the site or through some of its' links... so be especially careful about that!

The thing is...

This forum is actually an invaluable resource for Westerners new to Thailand since you can find answers to many questions about living in Thailand as an expat that just can't be found anywhere else. So, as a source of information it is invaluable!

HOWEVER, if you like to engage in discussing and INTELLIGENTLY debating controversial current events with other forum members, you need to think very carefully how you do that.

Just as has been mentioned by others here, many forum members are older and bitter expats who are "trolls" in the truest sense of the term.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize by the tone of their posts that they are very unhappy people who hate living here but only do so because of the low cost of living. Their posts or replies to posts are often mean-spirited, inflammatory and designed to elicit an emotional response. Resist the urge to interact with them or you will regret it!

These "trolls" seem to spend ALL of their time on the forum, with some them them literally having tens of thousands of posts/replies!

I get the impression that they spend their life sequestered in some shabby dark bedroom posting inflammatory things on ThaiVisa 24/7 for the sole purpose of antagonizing people who they will then attack in a hurtful and often vicious ways, as though they wish to make you feel as miserable as they must feel.

Thailand is such a remarkable place that it really makes you wonder how these people can be so unhappy that they resort to being such extreme trolls, but it is what it is, so tread carefully!

My view on using ThaiVisa:

1) Look to the forum to get answers to questions you have about living in Thailand, and nothing more.

2) Don't use ThaiVisa to search for information you seek; their search engine is horrible!

Instead, Search on Google.com (i.e.: "your search term" "thaivisa.com")

3) Don't bother reading a thread beyond the first page. Trolls quickly derail a thread once there is more than one page.

4) ThaiVisa trolls are masterful at drawing you in to rebut their ridiculous comments and remarks. Resist the urge to do it.

It will be a monumental waste of time, and will just make you depressed and have a dirty feeling from interacting with such sorry individuals.

5) If you do post your personal opinion on a controversial topic, be prepared for it to be deleted by a Moderator if he/she has a personal bias to what you have to say. If they really disagree with what you have to say, they will simply ban you for several weeks as punishment!

There are, of course, many fine people on the forum, and if you are careful, you can engage with them and have a very positive experience, but what I usually do, is discuss and debate with such people through private messaging, NOT the open forum, because if you do, it's only a matter of time before the trolls and the moderators swoop down and severely punish you!The site

Location: Bangkok, Bangkok

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Thaivisa has absolutely no respect for the few members who provide help and valuable information. The last forum announcement was back in 2019, what a disgrace when you consider its the members who feed the machine.

I have never joined this forum but occasionally read the visa information totally ignoring the remaining click bait rubbish. I would never trust anything written in tech DIY or similar forums as their is just too much misinformation and bickering between those looking to get the last word.

Knowledgeable educated people get knocked down at thaivisa forums which is a clear indication that most of its members are poorly educated and have difficulty with adult discussion. Smart people rarely mix well or are welcomed by the simple sport bar crowds.


After over 4 years and thousands of posts got a permanent ban. I referred to the killer of 10 in Ohio as a Muslim which is a fact.

This was classed as trolling and 'tinged racism'. That's a new one and considering race was not mentioned and that Islam is not a race quite ridiculous even by their liberal standards.


Sorry to hear you go. The World News has now gone maybe TVF should make a plea to all banned/suspended members that a new slate has been written and welcome folk back but some of the mods will need to do a mea cupla as well.

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