Suspect we'll have some newly suspended or banned members stopping by to vent after commenting on the investigation into Russian collusion (Flynn), and the movement of the Republican tax bill. I see MetisDead is flopping and twitching, desperate to protect Trump's honor but is powerless against the Scott-sanctioned lefty *** as they go about their dog pile on the plethora of Trump articles.

Poor old Metisdead, he's like a one-legged man in an *** kicking contest with one-arm tied behind his back, which he uses to protect against a rear attack by Scott the *** ranger.

Must be rather frustrating, so he compensates by being an annoying, pedantic fool with easier targets. What a putz.

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The obsession with left or right wing views is pathetic. The fact is, most of the most extreme views/opinions are intentional and are planted as clickbaits.


I think they do delete some of the more delusional right wing comments.

Americans that watch FOX seem to be the most ignorant people on the planet.


TVF have reached the end. Scott and his husband Jinthing have driven out anyone who disagrees with their views and have totally ruined what was a good forum for those seeking help in Thailand.

TVF is now desperately asking for money and anyone visiting the site will be drowned out by music and an advert begging for help.

Well done Scott and your anti Trump campaign. You have managed to ruin a forum that actually was helpful to those seeking advice on Thailand.

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