This comment from below says it all:

When that old rogue George sold to Dan Cheeseman and 'Choice Media Asia' in 2015 some Mods were rewarded and the rest were regally SHAFTED. The word on the grapevine at that time was that 7 of his inner circle moderators were going to get between 500,000 and 700,000 baht as a goodwill 'thank you' gesture.

All had to sign confidentiality deeds.

50% was to be paid upfront with the balance within 6 months. So the loyal servants of George that weren't one of the Lucky 7, were well and truly shafted by George. The lucky 7 were; Scott, Metisdead, Rimmer.

UbonJoe, Charlie H, Crossy and Jai Dee so when they say they are not on a salary that's most probably true. Word on the ground is Dan offered them all some equity stake in the forum so if it was sold further on down the line they would realise a further profit.

Hence they stay on board, create the innumerate spam posts and attempt to keep the ad revenue coming into a failing site.

But they are not happy, that much is sure, and if another sale doesn't arise or the site goes for a song then all their loyal efforts will have been in vain. I've actually met Jai Dee in real life he is a respected travel writer and a good guy and as far as I know no one has a bad word to say about him.

User's recommendation: Don't visit the site.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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Dead forum


THAIGER TALK - Please help build this new forum. Toxic Thaivisa dead heads not welcome.


Old news copied from elsewhere.


"This comment from below says it all:" duh


Dead forum

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