Jingthing has almost 100,000 posts full of some of the most insane drivel & blatant trolling - no problem. Protected. Post away. 12 year old children in drag? Thaivisa allows it.

Scott has got to be the absolute WORST mod/admin I have ever seen and Jingthings biggest enabler. Scott is American and has worked with "refugees" entering the USA, therefore believes himself to be an expert whilst knowingly posts lies about the system and filters out people (non liberals).

Through Scotts moderation the website has become a toxic blend of Anti-American sentiment & extreme left lunacy with most conservatives constantly banned/suspended for "trolling".

A horrible forum full of just horrible people that suspends & bans dissenting voices through arbitrary application of vague "forum rules" if you upset enough of the mainstay liberals.

User beware.

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Oh, now THAT'S funny.


He is the worst thread killer on a quickly dying forum. There must be a way for TVF to see how many people have her on their ignore list.

The number must be staggering. They must see someone having over 100,000 posts some kind of benefit. Could you imagine being such a low life and boring old fat sod that you have enough time to post that much?

The time put into collecting link after link that most never even click on. There are some real mental issues with this dude.


Quickly? Silly plonkers like you have been saying that for years now. About same as those who claim Thailand and its economy will go down in flames if all the skint pensioners take their pathetic pensions and leave, oh god the bottom will fall out what will we ever do without them.


Why JT has been allowed to stay is beyond me, as someone else reported he and Scott are one in the same, not sure if that is true or not but look at how many posters have been banned because they dare to challenge JT. He is disgusting and the sooner he's gone the better. Someone needs to investigate JT and blow his cover so he climbs back under the rock be came out from, he's a bully and MORON.


I bet he's not a bully face to face. Keeps his bossy *** persona undercover on the internet to avoid getting knocked out. Jingting stays safe socialising with other bossy twinks in boy's town bars so I rather doubt anyone of us would ever meet him.


local restarants kick him out on site and baht bus wont stop for him He stay internet day and night he has not much option.

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