Jingthing has almost 100,000 posts full of some of the most insane drivel & blatant trolling - no problem. Protected. Post away. 12 year old children in drag? Thaivisa allows it.

Scott has got to be the absolute WORST mod/admin I have ever seen and Jingthings biggest enabler. Scott is American and has worked with "refugees" entering the USA, therefore believes himself to be an expert whilst knowingly posts lies about the system and filters out people (non liberals).

Through Scotts moderation the website has become a toxic blend of Anti-American sentiment & extreme left lunacy with most conservatives constantly banned/suspended for "trolling".

A horrible forum full of just horrible people that suspends & bans dissenting voices through arbitrary application of vague "forum rules" if you upset enough of the mainstay liberals.

User beware.

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Guys, we've got Jingthing on the run. His new topic in the Farang Pub Forum called "Very bad case scenario -- what if you're blacklisted but still have assets in Thailand?" says it all.

He's considering selling his condo now and getting out before they move on him. He knows he's going to be kicked out of the country, or worse. Just to be sure, someone out there who knows his real identity could really help clean up Thailand by reporting him to Immigration and the Police, though they probably already have the goods on him. Getting the parents of any little boys he may have diddled to go to the police would ensure justice would be done.

There are people out there who know the whole sordid story. Do the right thing.


I just hope he looses $$$ on the sale of his condo. The Pattaya sales market is just sooo bad now.

Even in the post you mention he tries to control the thread EXACTLY how SHE wants it! It’s so immature and there are still a couple sheep that feel like following her lol. Thailand will gain and probably Colombia will loose when he finally leaves. The expats in Colombia will def not greet his obnoxious , pathetic , uninteresting , bossy and I am gayer than you topics on CVF ( Columbia Visa Forum) He just ruins TVF and it will be such a better and friendlier place to post on when he gets kicked out of Thailand for kiddy fiddling.

They ARE on his butt and HE is really feeling it. Someone needs to identify this piece of *** and expose what a horrible , ugly FAT obnoxious PIG she truly is.


Hey Gringo, haul your fat honky *** back to GringoLand, we no need you here. My friend Big Joke, he tell me good guys in cheap guys out.


To see what a sad, pathetic, POS Jingthing is, take a look at his topic in the Farang Pub Forum entitled "Expats in Thailand considering moving to Latin America prompted by Thai visa changes." He essentially admits in the first couple of posts that he has been scamming the Thailand visa system by not having enough money to honestly qualify for his yearly retirement extensions. Now that the Thai government is cracking down on documentation requirements, he is looking at Colombia because of their low pension requirements.

Jingthing is at the "low end of Social Security" so probably $1000 per month. There are those out there who know his real identity and they could do us all a solid. He should be reported to Thai Immigration.

Let's get this POS deported from Thailand back to the US where he can live on the streets. With a black mark like deportation, he will never get a visa or PR anywhere.


i dont think he admit to that you just mean guy. tread have no point tho hes never leaving tailand just talk same he tread for return usa.

jingting still be in tailand after 10 years still talk *** on tai wisa. ha ha.


On behalf of all the moderators on Thai Visa Forum, I would like to apologize for my horrible conduct and that of all the other mods. I sincerely regret the harm we have done and also promise to do much better in the future.

Please feel free to comment in the Farang Pub forum. Jingthing is doing well and he, too, extends his apologies for his online and personal conduct.

Conduct that has harmed many. Scott


Not even a good try. minus 2 points for you.


Thaivisa is a mix of dumb people and smart people in a ratio of 1000:1


The word on the street in that Jingthing blew his brains out last night after being informed that he would be prosecuted in the US for pedophilia committed overseas. Can anyone confirm this? He hasn't posted anything in almost a week.


Yes. There is a thread running now in Farang Pub about it. On behalf of Thaivisa and all us Mods, RIP Jingthing.


What word, on what street? If he hasn't posted in a week, and you're relying on "rumors from the street", how did you get details about motivation? You're one of these troll kants always hinting about photos on a facebook page that doesn't exist.


He's still around, posting one-liner comments in Pattaya, Farang Pub and Gay sub-forums but avoiding the World News where he normally lives. So something's defo happened, maybe he's been verbally warned for being a twaat, or he's just at a low point during his periodic mood swings, feeling depressed and unappreciated, managing his extensive ignore list like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings "My Precious, My Precious".

Not to worry though. By next week, the narcissist will miss the sound of his own voice and burst back onto the pages of TVF with a documentary about his favorite brand of dried seaweed snack.

Naturally, he'll have brainstormed an extensive list of very precise rules and regulations to micromanage replies. When you strip away the fake mask he wears, JT's narcissism and inability to deal with dissenting opinion without deriding the other party, is frighteningly similar to Trump.


you were right he is back posting again probably arguing with the voice in his head telling him not to do it but he can not resist. he will crash again into depression and isolate himself for a while. this is his pattern about 1once a year


He can’t get it up now so a little surprised he could then. Just a horrible deranged old man that hopefully will be leaving Thailand soon but we all can just dream.


Jingthing is a horrible animal. I'm a 20 year old man and what he did to me when I was 17 was terrible. Thaivisa should investigate him.


When I see a fight or a Mod going ape on TVF, wait an hour then come to this site to hear the other side of the story.


Wow people are still using this click bait forum loaded with fake posts to keep topics looking active.


So the Saffa and his boiler-room sidekick buddy are at it again. Pathetic. Get over it, guys.


Who cares about a bunch of old coffin dodgers squabbling with each other


Its the perfect place to study how poorly educated working class men go back to their childhood in old age.

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