Real forum members are but a fraction of the claimed number. Most estimates are that up to 90% of claimed forum members are either shill accounts, multiple accounts created by mods, banned members or deceased members, leaving only 10% of genuine active accounts.

This is problematic. Fraud is not clever. Fraud committed by farangs is even less clever. I have submitted reports to the relevant authorities, and concerned parties.

Advertizers avoid this nest of vipers, unless you are given a 90% discount. Realistically just avoid sponsoring this forum at all.

It will soon be closed due to it's being used as a platform to abuse Thai culture and all the institutions Thais hold dear. Good riddance.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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This is pure shyte written by someone who knows zilch about online business.

The deal, very simply, is that membership figures for an online forum count for nada. The metric that matters above and beyond else is VISITOR NUMBERS.

It's theoretically possible to create the world's most successful forum with just two members, where both members are controlled by admin.

If the content is strong enough to attract, engage and retain visitors, the forum should succeed.

Thai Visa's problem at the moment is poor content. The problem arises because of over zealous moderators (such as SCOTT) banning content creators such as BLETHER, JL CRAB and CHIANG MAI KELLY (and all his other aliases); and the inability of in-house staff writers to produce material that's fresh, intelligent and relevant.

Thai Visa's staff writers are a poor substitute for the loss of colorful characters such as BLETHER, HARDENED SOUL, IAN FORBES, BENDIX, and many, many others.

In all my years of reading Thai Visa, I've never seen the forum looking so dull, bland and uninspiring.


Bit harsh to preface your comment with the warning that it is "This is pure shyte written by someone who knows zilch about online business." but you are certainly entitled to voice an opinion no matter what a load of old codswallop it may be.

And in spite of it all, you are quite correct about one thing . The banning of all intelligent, humorous, witty and rational members has left the forum in a sorry old state. A PC springboard for the chronically uninformed.


Yes, the opening comment I referred to is complete shyte. Any fool will know this.

Visitor numbers are the primary metric by which a forum is evaluated, and in general there's little or no correlation between visitor numbers and membership numbers.

Understand that no one is gonna spend serious cash on a forum without assessing it first.

Check out Thai Visa's source code (lines 11005 to 11012 on the the main page; http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/ ) and you'll see the Javascript for Google Analytics. This is what advertisers and potential buyers will scrutinize.


Your problem Fabricus is you don't see how rude and arrogant you are. Ordinary guys detest privileged snobs.

Same for the poster Bendix.

Harden Soul was just a thug who condoned violence. TV is better off without them.


Your post should read "ordinary British guys detest privileged snobs" Thai Visa Forum is populated with a huge percentage of complete loser living month to month on a budget pension Brits. I realized this after reading it just a few weeks.

They think they are something because they are old British whiners who will jump on any post if even a BMW or Mercedes is mentioned amongst tons of other things. I think NYC you are sooo far from being from NYC.

Why do so many old Beirs think any comment related to having money is always arrogant?? Get a life!


The determining factor seems to be how one comes across as a poster. The standard conservative or liberal pretty much argues his/her views.

That's almost always accepted by Mods with only some exception. Metisadink is a Mod exception as he has his fits of psychosis several times daily to suspend posters for at least a couple of weeks and for no reason at all.

The haters who post get most of the penalties from legit Mods/Admin for the obvious reason. We read the reasons at most of the personal criticisms here of Scott and JT.

Being anti *** and anti Jewish are valid reasons to zap the hater posters, for sure. No one of any nature should be subjected to such historically discredited abuse whether *** or Jewish or not.

@Josaiah Ieu

But therein is the problem, posters are getting zapped because there are certain mods who will ban you or suspend you because they disagree with a posters postion or opinion, not because there is abuseinvolved ,

Both Scott and Jingting regularly use the anti g a y, anti Jewish thing even when the topics having nothing to do with homosexuality or zionism

I have seen Jingting label another Jew whose daughter is an Israeli, an Anti Semite, because the person didnt agree with the zionist party line ,

ironic give Jingting is an American Jew who has never set foot in Israel, for all his Zionism bet he never voluteered for the Israeli defence force..


So glad I sold my baby, TVF, to Cheeseman. Sorry Dan, I fibbed a bit to get you through due diligence....

I still log in now and then to watch you lot flop around. I considered sacking Scott several times but it was more amusing to watch him do what he does, and I knew I would be shot of him soon enough. Honestly, thought Dan would sack him straight away but appears he's been sufficiently programmed to avoid conflict with anything other than Caucasian males.

Good luck mates. Cheers from Cyprus.

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