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Thai Visa Radio / Inspire have repeatedly been making claims of more then 60,000 listeners per month on their online radio station. The reality however is this is an out-rite lie and is a complete fabrication designed to lure businesses in to paying for advertising on their online radio stations that actually have virtually no listeners.

And this, is why it is a lie: If you take a look at their radio page http://www.thaivisa.com/radio/ and look at the source code, you can clearly see that there Online Radio is being served from the following place for Thai Visa Radio 1 and for Thai Visa Radio 2. These sites have not been password protected and are open for all to see THE REAL, TRUE PICTURE of ACTUAL listener numbers live. So, for a claim of 60,000 listeners a month, it is quite a surprise that when I looked the live listeners was 1 (me) and the all time high is 10 !! Now, it is possible that their stats have just been reset, it is also possible that they have multiple servers for relay, so time for a bit more in-depth investigation.

The first step, was to use the tune in app on my phone, use the tune in website, use the thaivisa website, app and inspire websites. Basically, what I wanted to see is if I start listening live, does the live count for the stream increment by one when I am listening and decrease by one when I stop listening. At this point, the results didn’t come as a surprise to me. Each site that I listened from increased the listener count by one.

So, categorically there is only one server being used no matter which website or application you listen from, EVERYTHING all goes back to the same server above. In fact, if you look at the main server configuration it is only configured for a maximum of 1000 listeners. So, what about the possibility of the server stats having just been reset or maybe I am just looking at the wrong time of the day? I set up a probe to check the number of live listeners on thai visa radio one every 300 seconds (5 minute intervals) you can see the raw data retrieved here over the 10 day period http://pastebin.com/RTr4tca5 the first day, I didn’t add the time stamp, subsequent days have the time stamp of the probe and there was also one day when I lost internet connectivity.


If you take out the monitoring servers then for the VAST MAJORITY OF THE TIME THERE ARE NO LISTENERS. Thai Visa Radio, is nothing more than an online scam designed to extract money from would be advertisers to advertise to a non existent audience, if you advertise on Thai Visa Radio, expect nothing because the reality is no one is listening to the radio.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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When I asked which *** was station manager and which clown was responsible as imaging director, I was banned / blacklisted forever on Thaivisa. Also the IP address from my internet provider is blacklisted there...


It makes for interesting reading, but is it really a surprise? there are people out there that just absolutely believe what they read, including how many members an organisation has.

We are getting wiser, but whilst the naïve still exist (in their droves in pattaya), companies like this fleece them and manage to get away with it. The reality is Thailand doesn't have a handle on anything, which is why the corrupt flock here.


Just a bunch expats that I would not associate with.

They do it in thailand because they would get shut down in their own country.



Listener Peak: 9

only 9 people at once so its so salfse


fortune favors the brave. they must be very brave to carry out a scam like this in Asia. but scam it is


No suprise, the Thai Visa website / forums has been overstating its membership for years, staff members regulary create new false accounts to boost membership and banned members are included in the member count even though not allowed to contribute.

Moderators have multiple false accounts through which they create "false" threads to boost their click bait, you will notice the same topics are cycled through TV by "different members" on a regular basis, with the wording changed slightly

All this is done to boost advertising revenue, this bandit marketing was started by "George" and continued and expanded on by Cheeseman et al

So yes the big scam continues


Amazing that they trick us like this. do the Thai Visa mob think we are mushrooms?????????


Trick you? What do you mean?

My guess is you are a typical, casual user of ThaiVisa, not a business owner or potential customer for advertising services. It means nothing to you except an excuse to jump on the faux outrage bandwagon here.

Truth is, you'll use ThaiVisa regardless, unless you are one of those Obsessive/Compulsive, serial banned users who open new accounts and user names because you just can't stay away.

So do they "trick you"? I think not.


i may still go on thaivisa but that is the forum and sometime entertaining. Lying to customers and advertizers to get money is criminal to say the least.

i do not think I am compulsive but do think i am sad to see that to get advertising revenue they cheat their customers.

I am sure Andrew Drummond or someone will pick up on this and delve deeper. regards Paul


Fair enough, and I do think the OP made a good observation - although I admit not having heard TV making the radio claims myself nor have I tried to verify his facts and methods, because I really don't give a rat's.

We are, after all, in Thailand, one of the more dodgy places on the planet. And so the faux indignation here from a load of band-wagon jumping, aggrieved *** with an axe to grind, is dubious.

Is Scott a puff *** with a Napoleon complex and bi-polar disorder in his approach to suspensions and banning? Yes, without a doubt.

In the grand scheme of life here though, it's just not important enough to get worked up about.


Looks like the mods come over here too from your post. The company do not know how to market so just lie..

@Dalisha Uxa

is the thai visa that is thaivisa.com? had several problems with them boasting . everyOne know they use fake figures for website to

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