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I deleted my account on Thaivisa yesterday. Shame really because a lot of the forum is pretty decent. Visa section is generally helpful and health section is very good.

The problem is the coterie of moderators who have chosen to censor anything critical of Saint Joe of Delaware. This censorship comes after 5 years of sheer depravity mocking Trump's health, his skin color, his hand size, running with all the hoaxes as if fact. Webfact choosing news articles that are completely made up and running with them as fact. It is against forum rules to state correctly that Russia, Russia, Russia was a failure and waste of 3 years, and as we now know from Brennan's notes it was a hoax ginned up to distract from Hillary's email nightmares.

It is against forum rules to state Steve Scully was a biased debate mod - even though evidence proves this to be true(he lied about being hacked on twitter and conspiring with Scarramucci). It is against the rules to doubt Jussie Smolletts story, as per darksidedog and scott he is a victim of whiteness emboldened by the MAGA movement. Mentioning the Osundairo brothers that Smollett paid to assault him will get you suspended. Then there is the issue of Ukraine-gate. Again even though Trump was acquitted the mods will censor you for stating this fact. As per onthedarkside and darksidedog's rules Trump was convicted of quid pro quo'ing in the Ukraine, and Biden definitely did not quid pro quo with the "son of a *&;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;^% video he got fired" while helping his crackhead son in his bagman role.

It is against forum rules to mention the Biden laptop, the mods falsely claim the Russians bodyhacked poor Hunter and made him smoke crack, do dodgy deals selling influence for millions with overseas enemies of America, and *** children, all a hoax, poor Hunter. And on and on and on and on.

Scott, darksidedog, onthedarkside. You are pushers of fake news. Scott and onthedarkside seems to know they are gaslighting and behaving without integrity for their own reasons, but poor old darksidedog just seems chronically dense and probably believes the rubbish he writes. You have no credibility whatsoever. No matter how many times you state Trump was personally bankrupt, guilty of this and that, you are still WRONG. BigMango is a much better forum, it is run honestly and does not seek to push fake political narratives.! Metisdead was the best of a bad bunch - never had a problem with him - sound guy with the love of what's right and cares about calling the President by his title.

And finally, a small thank you to the pathetic coward Rimmer. You at least had the decency to say why all my posts are deleted minutes after writing, although always polite, respectful and on topic. The reason posts by the non-extreme left are deleted is because it causes the left to meltdown and derail the thread which is why they only allow the far left viewpoints to remain. Spineless, dishonest, pitiful. Grow a pair, son, just grow a pair.

User's recommendation: BigMango is a much better forum, it is run honestly and does not seek to push fake political narratives.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Thai Visa Pros: Insulting lib tards, Some members posts.

Thai Visa Cons: Obvious click bait thread, Selective moderation, Trolls.

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Dead forum


on the subject of dumb mods crossy and his side puppet bankruatsteve the so called experts have said ok to a electrical install that will overload the supply. as said many times before these guys are jokers and dangerous


Its not difficult to be an expert when preaching to a bunch of gullible fools. Bankruatsteve is a complete nonsense Crossy is a collection of internet knowledge which he does not fully understand but it does impress the chimps.


I think the sensible people have come to realise that the diy forums are mostly bickering nonsense from clueless old expats crossy only shines because he uses google for information and hides behind moderator status.


Dead forum


Looks like TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) has gone all snowflakey cos Mods called him out on his Trumpian lies and he can't handle a St Joe of Biden presidency also looks like the great man Metisdead has been sent to try to coax him back to the cesspit. You really couldn't make this stuff up also BigMango sucks there is literally no one there.


A regular member cant delete a thaivisa account. Now stop telling tall stories turn down your sensitivity dial and get back into the forums where you belong.

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