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1. The website is ran by shills posting "news" that is really just advertising for various shopping malls/restaurants.

2. Any intelligent conversation regarding their motives is hastily deleted and referred to as "troll posts"

3. Anything that doesn't tow their narrow thai political views is quickly deleted. It's simply not a safe place to post opinions that do not align with the mods.

If you are a pet pyscopant of the mods there you will fit in. If you have your own ideas and opinions, stay clear. Again, If you are a pet pyscopant of the mods there you will fit in. If you have your own ideas and opinions, stay clear.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

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The criticism seems a bit OTT here. Can we at least agree if you are an intolerant communist buftie-boy it is a brilliant forum?


More posts and traffic on this review site than on the actual forum. What a sorry farce that ThaiVisa site became after the LGBT pretend native *** and UN refugee worker Scott started moderating.

For the record he is not native American Indian, and nor does he work for the UN as he claims. Just another english teacher with delusions.


I never knew Scott claimed to be a UN worker or an American Indian - is that true? He spends most of his time now posting clickbait surveys about Trump and suspending people who disagree with him.


Hadn't heard the American Indian line before but he has made plenty of comments about having worked at refugee screening somewhere in the world before. Scott (aka Pocahontas?) and a few others, are obsessed with identity politics and SJW cliches, memes and talking points, which they regurgitate as their own views and use as the baseline for their Moderation "job".

Seems the young Nanny state punk running the site agrees with all that, or is simply terrified to confront an HR nightmare like Scott. Bit like the few sensible Mods are silent and hands off when it comes to moderating that mental case called Jingthing. What a mess, glad I don't have to "work" there.

Mods who put up with it for no pay must be terrified of having nothing to do all day, so they stick with it. Sad.


I was of the understanding, Sitting Bull was that Craig guy who was up for POTY award a few years ago, and suddenly withdrew after his antics were exposed, some mod type from Down Pattaya way, seems to have gone off the radar.


Craig wasn't so bad, seemed to be a fairly normal, married, hetero male, ex-mil, liked to travel. Unfortunately, after George sold out (laughing the whole time), Craig seemed to fall out of favor with the rising Libtard regime.

Beginning of the end was when he began moderating from a second account called "Moderator 1". He would post comments like a normal member using his Craig (mod) account but if anyone disagreed or gave him a hard time, he would log out and log back in with the Moderator 1 account, chop off a few heads, and then return to the thread as Craig. As if he thought nobody would ever make the connection. The final nail in the coffin was being nominated and championed as POTY candidate by that nauseating *** called Jingthing.

I always got the feeling Craig was none too happy about the sleaze factor with that endorsement, and it wasn't long before he fell off the radar. Or died?


Simple libtards enforcing their own views


snopes says the word libtard is racist. reported for using non PC language.


FFS Southpeil or whatever you call yourself these days, can't you find another insult other than libtard ? Is your dimwitted South African Nazi vocabulary that limited ? Go and buy yourself a dictionary and get a life, maybe spend a bit more time suspending 'lefties' on your own lowly little racist forum


Yes he is a pro far left supporter and a silly *** They will remove you with bans and points so they can get their pro Dem g”y supporting points across.


Thaivisa dot com, home of the made up story. Dumb Farangs, oh yes, and some.


JT and his mate Scott have ruined the site. He gets away with posting the most obnoxious comments and if you reply you are banned.


They both suck literally. Probably the same person.

Control freaks on their own threads and constantly off topic and obnoxious on others. Jingle has ruined so many threads and posts such immature short one liners and he is a massive reporter if anything is not her way. Why can’t they both understand thee are sometimes different views. So many younger people just don’t post or join just because of this.

When I first started posting I realized jingle was a complete moron who thinks he is an expert in gay issues and politics. Is so sad. One poster bluespunk is also gaining in stupid one off comments and he will never ever go off line until he says the same drivel often 10 times in the same thread.

How can anyone have 40,000 or 50,000 or 100,000 posts on any forum and have a life? So sad


I joined the forum in 2003 my post count is under 200 last post was 2014. Smart people with a life dont spend all day replying to click bait trash and fake posts at forums like thaivisa.

A quick look at Thai news and Visa topics using an ad-blocker is all thaivisa is worth. Why would anyone dig into the pages of trash members like bluespunk write when watching paint dry is so much more interesting. If the jingthing character is genuine and not just one of the fake click boosters, you should feel sorry for her sad existence and desperate need to feel important.

Click boosters are fake accounts created by forum owners or moderators to keep topics alive and create fake topics in quiet categories. TV has many.


The premier farang based Thai website down yet again, where is the tech doctor when he is needed, off on a dodgy visa run to Laos, servers fried with the volume in traffic from upcountry gi joe types who haven’t yet accepted the war in the delta ended forty years ago. No one cares, pack up old man and go home.


I love Thai visa, Linda.


After reading this review the moderation team have decided to ban your account. Independant thoughts are classified as trolling and inflammatory as per forum rule 12.1

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