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1. The website is ran by shills posting "news" that is really just advertising for various shopping malls/restaurants.

2. Any intelligent conversation regarding their motives is hastily deleted and referred to as "troll posts"

3. Anything that doesn't tow their narrow thai political views is quickly deleted. It's simply not a safe place to post opinions that do not align with the mods.

If you are a pet pyscopant of the mods there you will fit in. If you have your own ideas and opinions, stay clear. Again, If you are a pet pyscopant of the mods there you will fit in. If you have your own ideas and opinions, stay clear.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Moderator.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

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I am thinking of starting a group on Facebook exposing the *** moderators on Thai visa but I need to add at least one friend to get started. Anyone interested send me an sms to john ibis on FB and let's out these *** lo


Just banned forever by metisdead after being chased by him for a year. Reason for ban was a comment on click bait editorialism and pointing out that the regurgitation of old threads with sensationalist titles was due to the forum software. So be it.


Once MiD gets a hard on for a poster his Compulsive Obsessive Disorder takes over and that's it, dog with a bone, you must be eliminated otherwise he feels he has failed....the boy needs serious therapy.


W--T--F Jingthing just posted a video of a twelve year old drag queen and is fighting any comment that finds it distasteful. Is thaivisa moderated and owned by a bunch of pervs. Kind of looks that way.


The most pathetic thread killing poster who is most likely Scott. For some reason TVF thinks it’s ok.

Scott plays with kids and admitted to “ helping 3 Vietnam refugees when he was in Hong Kong several years ago on one thread. Imagine if you asked if the 6,10 and 12 year olds were boys? You would get banned! But it’s a totally legitimate question.

The post about the 12 year old drag queen ( which was already a thread a few months ago lol) is just to troll people to show HATE and Homophobia and every other phobia he thinks everyone has. I’m “out “ and post sometimes on TVF but no one knows this. Why should they? I can’t count the times he posts on a “ boy” topic that I completely disagree with him ( as do many other posters I know who are “out” and bi because I socialize with them ) and he thinks anyone who disagrees is homophobic!

I can’t believe some “ guys who like guys” think like him. He is so far removed on what goes on in places like soi 4, DJ station and GOD nightclubs and the 20 to 50 ish year old people who go to these places and talk about G life. He acts like everyone has HIS opinion which are usually just stupid links that I would never open. I blocked him on TVF but you still see quotes and if not logged in can see his posts.

He just needs some type of life and has to understand that most of his phobias are not true in REAL NON LINK NON CNN or whatever life.

My religion on TVF is also not known by posters. Why should it be??


So true, well said bro. The gay forum is now empty, no one dare post there for fear of offending the great wizard of all things gay, woe betide you if you don’t agree with him, your gayness will be called into question, I am more gay than you.


So you think you’re an underachiever. Read the thaivisa forums for while and you will feel so much better.


ThaiVisa is a *** site. Ran by *** that won't let you speak unless it fits there love Thai game.

They have no work permitts these *** Most forum members are bored pensioners. BKK post is Thai rarely are you blocked. THAIVISA block because they fear closure.

Fake news as well. *** business


Sit back relax and watch the site slowly fade away.


You lot have been saying that for a long time now. You're almost as ridiculous as the libtards on about how Trump is done.

Or those inane predictions about tourism, and rain in the rain season. TVF is a pack of poorly traveled blue collar work a day types, ex-hippy burn outs and a few bossy gay guys who want to be in charge of something, typically revealing their multiple psych issues in the process. It's always the same thing with these types. Now, a lot of these posers can't even scrape together 800k for a Thai retirement extension, but boy, they sure know how to run a major superpower country on the opposite side of the planet and tell everyone else how to live and what to say.

LM AO! These bastions of worldly knowledge wind up losing it. Some will get their 2 minutes of fleeting fame in the TVF News Section after throwing themselves off a high floor balcony.

"RIP". NEXT......


The mods on Thai Visa are working illegally. About time they were closed down.


Does anyone here know who owns Thai Visa? And where the registered office is?


Relax, thaivisa will get a lot quieter soon and lose some of its deadwood. Latest rumor from Pattaya visa agents is Thai immigration will soon announce new rules for the one year visa extension.

Each year the applicant must show in a Thai bank one million Baht for retirement and 500 thousand Baht for marriage extensions. These amounts will require seasoning periods before being presented to immigration via official bank letters statements and books as requested. There will be no other method available to validate an applicants ability to support themselves for a one year visa extensions. This has come about because over the past few years immigration has seen a huge increase in faked and forged documents presented to validate applicant income.

Agents will continue to provide visa assistance and fast track services but receive heavy penalty and possible jail terms if found to be providing false financial information for applicants.

The same will apply to applicants who use false information to support applications. No mention of existing lump sum applicants amounts being frozen but if history repeats theirs a good chance they will keep their existing 800/400k requirement.


Great news, good guys in bad guys out.


I really couldn’t believe how many losers there were on TVF UNTIL all these guys starting freaking out about having 800k or 400k in a bank account in Thailand. I mean how the heck can you be 60 something or 70 something and not have any savings?

Why do so many ( especially British posters retire when they are 50 or 55 and think some measly pension will be their only support for the rest of their lives?? What these cheap old *** need to do because their own lives are so f’d up is to scream , shout and yell to all their family younger than them or friends younger than them is to start saving when you are young and never depend on some *** pension in life. But you never hear them suggest that.

They only excel at being cheap Charlie’s and paying 5000baht a month rent. They own nothing in England and nothing in Thailand.


800K Baht is an absolute bargain. What makes me smile is those who claim to have well in excess of 65k coming in each month but refuse to drop 800k in the bank and be done with it. Truth is most dont have a pot to pisss in.


Not sure what the visa stuff has to do with it. Half the *** on TVF don't even live in Thailand. All you need is an internet connection and no life.


The website is a gathering of irritable dementia sufferers You can almost smell the urine and crumb mix.


LOL that just about sums up thaivisa. old keyboard warriors trying to get up on each other from sticky armchairs.


Now THAT is funny A F ! All these old boys puffing up their feathers on-line.

Met my share of these emasculated Nanny State Beta males in Thailand. They do the laundry and ironing and refer to their bar girl wives as "She who must be obeyed".

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