When one thought the content on Thai Visa couldn't get any more bigoted and racist, it appears now in addition to the normal Thai bashing by the old white men that lurk on Thai Visa, Muslims are the new target of the old white men with Thai *** wives on Thai Visa

Even on one of the so-called senior mods called Scott started a troll post/poll purposely designed to stir up bigoted and hate speech against Muslims, from the old white men, given the new direction to get as many click bait posts for the new owners one cant help wonder if the mods are being paid commissions based on the number of click baits clicks they get on the the troll posts they start

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Thai Visa Cons: Racist bigoted old white men, Obvious click bait thread, Moderators posting under other names to troll.

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The latest click bait is an alleged poll about Thai Visa members being "deliriously happy"


the most bizarre thing is about that poll is when members started complaining they issued another click bait rebuttal attacking their own members...the owners and moderators of that site are *** and have forgotten a site like this, is as only as good as its membership


How would you know? Let me guess.....you clicked on such an obvious click bait.

Just can't help yourself, eh? LOL.


"Delirious" is most likely the correct word for most of the old men who post on Thai visa in between their medications and cheap Thai alcohol and beating up their Thai wives


I don't think things will change with the new owners taking over, if anything it will get worse.

The recent topic "Mongrel vs Pedigree – Why farangs in Thailand should be thanked for improving the human race" was started by the new owners, a new low in the racist topics posted on that forum. Before they just farmed Thai news reports looking for any violent crimes to attract clicks from Thai bashing farangs.

Now they are creating their own racist topics. The most vile forum I have ever encountered in my life.


Scott's OP is not a baiting post, as your tender sensibilities suggest. It is reflective of the larger conversation taking place in airports all across the world.

With islamic jihadis being revealed in Brussels, Texas, Malaysia, Egypt, ad infinitum, Scott's topic was relevant. Measured by the keen interest, necessary.

"Racist" and "bigoted"... from this one subjective example? Sounds more like someone could not successfully make the worse argument the better.

Scott "obvious[ly]" created a baithing thread?

You have not made a case.

"Moderators posting under other names..." Scott has another name?

In essence, you look like a typical emotive snowflake- tender, fragile, and unable to articulate your point here.

No wonder you were ran over on TV.

I do not know Scott. I am personally irritated at him, but this above BS is untrue.


You are right, mate. In fact, since you've got 21 red down votes, that makes your post the most objective and accurate one in this thread.

These blokes can't handle a cross point of view, which is why they are constant victims, and here on this site venting their spleens as noboby else, not even their wives, will listen to their shi-ite.

If you see one green up vote, that's mine, mate. Good onya.


One more green up vote from me. Now you've got 2. Sad, ain't it?


99% of the bait posts are planted by the mods, using bogus names. If you take notice very few of them are started by long time members, nearly always by newbies with hardly any posts to their names, and nearly every post is the same, targets the Thai bashers.

Most of these posts are started by someone who hardly ever makes another comment after the first one.

The mods think people are as *** as they are.

(noticed they are trolling this site now, attacking people who attack them. what a pathetic joke they are, Scott, Penishead, rimmer and co.)


This is exactly what they are after, posts like this one, posted by resident Thai bashing *** troll "lovelomsak" -

"I was talking to my sister a relative of her husband a retired RCMP and his wife are selling everything and want to move to either Thailand or Vietnam I suggested Vietnam and told them all I know about how Thailand is going downhill and backwards faster than a run away train.Had a friend and his wife visit 4 years ago ask about coming back to see again I also told him do not come here go to Vietnam.I told both parties do not waste your time in Thailand it is a shiit hole now."

(posted 4-6-2016 19.17pm)


"Thailand it is a shiit hole now"..........on a forum that does not allow comments like this- "You will not post slurs, degrading or overly negative comments directed towards Thailand, specific locations, Thai institutions such as the judicial or law enforcement system, Thai culture, Thai people or any other group on the basis of race, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation." lol lol lol lol lol lol


I missed this before my prior post. I did not realize this.

Thank you. Perhaps I was misinformed.


@ AD, I was a member for 9 years and made nearly 5,000 posts before I was banned, so I do know a little bit about the goings-on at TVF.

The more I learn about that seedy and corrupt organization the more I am amazed they have got away with it for so long.

For many years there has been a cadre of despicable mods who ban and suspend anyone they take a dislike to, while allowing trolls and paid to post propaganda spreaders to post at will.

I could name a long list of these posters who break various forum rules every time they make a comment, mostly anti-junta comments (brain-dead red and Shin supporters who are either genuinely *** or are paid to post, and anti-Thai comments which is against forum rule #11.

After studying these comments for many years I am convinced a lot of these posts are "bait posts" planted by the mods who post under as many bogus names as they like.

Also they are fraudsters who lie to their advertises regarding their membership numbers. When they ban someone they simply remove their posting rights, they are still classed as a member.

There have been thousands of people banned over the years who are still officially members. But don't take my word for it, do what I did and read the forum for 9 years and research TVF on Google. There are many sites who specialize in exposing the mods over there, just enter "thai visa mods" into Google and read away.

There are numerous cases of criminal activity among their mods over the years, including fraud, murder and child related activities. In short, it is an evil, money making click farm run but unscrupulous mods.


Scott is part of the *** mafia controlled by that fat pig jingthing (reggie)

I find the site absolutely awful and have since joined the big mango.


Unbelievable victim post. OMG, 5 years and then you got banned?

For what?

But I agree, Jingthing is a *** totally protected by his butt buddy Scott from the ***/*** sub-forum.

Don't cross either of them or else! laugh ensues>

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