Thai visa used to be a decent forum. A good, if not invaluable, user friendly source of info for expats of all kinds from lowly sexpat TEFL 'teachers', to high flying bankers they had the lot there. Most topics could be openly discussed from the 'Good Women of the Bangkok Night Time World', which to avoid or to pay a visit to, through to where the more 'interesting' members of Bangkok's expat community were to be found (or avoided) and what they were up to...

Then slowly the place became a victim of it's own success, advertising revenue became the important factor and they began policing the content like Nazi Stormtroopers, wiping anything deemed 'unwholesome' content and often banning members they deemed 'offensive'. Sadly most of these members were what made the place a fun and informative place to be. Most of those who fell by the wayside probably had forgotten more about Thailand then the moderation team and admins combined and now it is the ridiculous place it is now, full of members who think they're pillars of society because they've scraped enough of a pension to live in an Isaan shack with their grubby *** wife, they in turn realise the shakiness of their status and blame the Thais for everything that goes wrong for them.

Now their main content is what is laughingly called 'news' (mainly clickbait troll posts from some of the ridiculous 'news' sites around Thailand, usually involving a 'farang' or foreigner behaving badly' or troll posts posted by paid shills (usually mods in disguise).

These 'News' articles are posted by an illegally employed immigrant worker named 'Webfact', which gives the saddo membership a chance to vent off and increase their illusion of perfection.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Thai Visa Cons: Ducks, Moderation, Pervet forum, Paedos.

Location: London, England

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"or troll posts posted by paid shills (usually mods in disguise)" I think a lot of these shills are actually trolls who work for the Robert Amsterdam propaganda team, paid to post garbage regarding how bad the present government is, and how good the Shinawatras are.

The topic posted on Friday, "Yingluck stands trial for rice scheme in Supreme Court" was a good example of paid shills doing their best to defend Yingluck and attack the government at the same time. *** like tbthailand, MZurf and yellowboat are three of the worst trolls on that lowlife site and they were really earning their money on that topic lol.


add to that list





all staunch yellow/Junta bootlickers/trolls


What a disgusting site it has become, there are no rules there anymore, you can post anything you like and get away with it.

Today, there is a topic about two Thai guys who were shot in a KFC, just perfect for attracting nasty posts from the dropkicks who look for these stories.

One of the dropkicks, macksview, who is a well known gutless thaibashers posts this bile -

"those poor thai lads, no farangs eating there so they had to fight thais"


When you have that bell end Metisdead deleting posts, he allows the initial flame bait posts to remain, he continues to ban people for voicing opinions, and yet allows that rabid munter Christy Sweet AKA moonsterk to defame members of the Koh Tao defence team.

The sooner the site is shut down by the authorities the better


Andrew Drummond has some good info on George and Thai Visa.

Looks like George really screwed the new owners. After thw sale, the site went dead.


Their desperation showed in the way they really ramped up the anti-Thai topics relying on the deadbeat *** who frequent that site to take the bait and post their hate filled garbage. It is plainly obvious a lot of/all of these baits are laid by the mods.

I cannot believe how low that site has sunk.


The site was going downhill so they got desperate and the head trollmaster Webfact went into overdrive scouring the news looking for stories to post on the forum to drum up business, namely anything anti-Thai. Mainly stories involving Thai committing crimes, honey for the Thai bashers.

Their latest effort was a story about three British tourists being beaten up in Hua Hin,


This comment by "Denim" is exactly what the mods are looking for, a good old anti-Thai reaction :

"Another day in paradise.

Welcome to Thailand the land of smiles. A Buddhist country full of peaceful people who welcome tourists. People might be naive when they come here but they often go home with a more realistic viewpoint. We can rant and rave here about this disgusting display of violence but absolutely nothing will change or improve because the culprits if caught rarely receive appropriate punishment. And lest we think all this violence is only directed at foreigners....it isn't. Even Thais often fall foul of these violent gangs but we rarely here about it because it has become so commonplace. LOS .....land of *** "LOS .....land of *** - This is posted on a forum that has a "strict" rule regarding comments that denigrate Thailand and Thai people, and Buddhism. Nobody mentions the fact that the tourists may have caused the whole thing and after viewing the video it looks like that may be the case.


"mainly clickbait troll posts"

That just about sums up their entire site in four words.

A terrible site which has plunged to the depths of relying on Thai bashing trolls and other *** to fertilize their click farm.

I defy anyone to read any topic and not find an anti-Thai comment withing the first few posts. A disgusting forum run by bent mods who themselves pose as posters, low life trolls the lot of them. BARF !


It seems under the new management they are openly allowing the hows of prostitution looking at some of the posts....they used preach one couldnt discuss illegal activites, but seems now, prostitution even though illegal in Thailand is being allowed, and the ironey is, one of the posts i am referring to was from another website owned by the new owners of Thaivisa


Make a negative comment about Israel and get banned, make comments condoning the molesting children and indicating looking at child pornagraphy is ok...nothing happens

Thaivisa has long been suspected as a" home" to many farang child molestors, even some of the mods are rumoured to be kiddie fiddlers


Out of interest, have any other companies or individuals ever attracted 38 pages of complaints on this site, as ThaiVisa.com has ?

I would not be surprised if it was some sort of record. lol


Google thaivisa mods written by a long banned ex member. Some interesting people and their habits mentioned. Tweenie is the preference of one mod apparrently.


They also used to remove comments that used the word dictatorship to describe the military government, but not any more -

"Thailand ; a corrupt police state ruled over by a military dictatorship

Russia; a corrupt police state ruled over by an egotistical despot.

The two countries are well suited."

Posted today by some *** called harleycharley on this topic - "http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/918493-gen-prayut-invites-russia-to-invest-in-thailand/?utm_source=newsletter-201605**-**36&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news"

This post has been reported to the Thai government.


^ +1 Hope the Government acts on the many complaints they are receiving and Karma catches up with these lowly criminals.

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