Thaivisa is a ripoff the beat all ripoffs. Believe me, I know.

Thaivisa bans members and then those same members start new accounts, all with full knowledge of the .

the Thaivisa moderation team. This gives Thaivisa an enormous number of accounts that they base their ad rates on. Of course a high percentage of those accounts, perhaps 80%, are phony.

It is a scam, pure and simple. I pulled my advertisements as soon as I became aware of all this.


User's recommendation: Do not advertise there.

Location: Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk

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Dead forum


THAIGER TALK - Please help build this new forum. Toxic Thaivisa dead heads not welcome.


Now the Nation has ditched them Thaivisa is going where it belongs- down the plug hole. The nasty, vindictive liberal mods who hate any differing opinions are just helping it on it's way


The Nation used to be part owner of Thaivisa, but sold out a few days ago. The rats are abandoning the sinking ship.

The site will soon be history.

Good luck to the moderators getting their compensation. LOL


Holy moly after reading some of the posts down this page sounds this visa place should call it a day


I have also been cheated by them ! you pay for advertising and you get nothing ! Dan the monkey spends his time burning the money that he cheats you !


Dead forum


Dead forum shut it down


Fear not its now common knowledge that Thaivisa is a dead duck for advertising and nothing more than a bait box for annoying plugin ads. Like the Pattaya beers bars, Thaivisa has run its course along with most who support it. There are platforms ready to fill the gap for those worried about the latest Visa info.


God knows how it makes money given all the ad blockers and spam posts they have to spin and pay the mods to write them. Only about 30 regular posters left now and just be pretty much unsaleable in its current form.

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