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I was banned finally by Metisdead because I suggested the origin of the coronavirus was not in China. Apparently I am irredeemable.

The site is anti-Thai and completely Sinophobic, focusing instead on America which is the home of many of the moderators.

Most of the good value posters are now gone and the cheap whining sexpats prevail. No loss.

User's recommendation: Avoid if at all possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Thai Visa Pros: Some members posts, Some members.

Thai Visa Cons: Moderators.

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The jungle drums say the solar car port is about to take the joke one more step into payback oblivion


a little knowledge is dangerous and these energy forums are full of it


Most of the content in this forum is fake or garbage


Dead forum


Have you ever come across three more sad human beings than Metis, Rimmer and Scott, how low must the bar be to achieve such loathing amongst ex-pats in a country like Thailand? I doubt they were expatriated by choice, more likely exiled!


Stop telling lies. You were banned from thaivisa for acting like a child and not listening to warnings.

The forum would be unusable without hard moderation because the majority of its members are childish social misfits unable to converse like adults. The jokers cant even discuss simple computer subjects without starting "mines bigger or better than yours" arguments. The unruly children at thaivisa get strong supervision.

They then come over to pissed consumer and to throw their toys around. For gods sake grow up or grow a pair.


Newsflash. The World News forum is unusable now.

In fact it's totally gone. All due to poor moderation that drove the good posters out or outright banned them.


The good posters got fed up with the dead heads moderation was unable to control. Forums filled with sport bar types need zero tolerance moderation and a proper sign up validation.


Spot on. Just like working mens pubs and bars need bouncers to control the simpletons.


The problem with both bouncers and TV mods, is their IQ is always lower than the average punters at said establishment.


Like street cleaners they are a necessity


Hi there Metis you have come out of your lair..... you old mushroom...


Ladies and gentlemen - here we have it. The problem with TV in a nutshell.

Power hungry mods, unable to allow a semblance of conversation they don’t like. The current crop despise intelligent conversation, and confuse disagreement with trolling. And if they didn’t agree with you, lord help you - any use of the English language in a coherent sentence become a arbitrary violation of forum rules. It says a lot that a couple of mods actually reached out to me and said ‘watch out - metisdead has got it in for you’.

And now here he is defending himself. Poor b@***d.


Dead forum


Dead forum


Dead forum


It is a badge of honour to be banned by that shady bunch of misfits. Plenty of banned members over here keeping an eye on the place.

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