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I was banned finally by Metisdead because I suggested the origin of the coronavirus was not in China. Apparently I am irredeemable.

The site is anti-Thai and completely Sinophobic, focusing instead on America which is the home of many of the moderators.

Most of the good value posters are now gone and the cheap whining sexpats prevail. No loss.

User's recommendation: Avoid if at all possible.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Thai Visa Pros: Some members posts, Some members.

Thai Visa Cons: Moderators.

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mr codge adds added another ugly roof with quality welding. would you care to share the calcs lol. dont mention the payback time


guys a joker trying to cheat electric co with bad design cheat device made by person with little electronic knowledge


more jokes at the crossy solar car port. a poorly planned mess thai style.

the guy has clearly lost the plot. payback time LOL


Crossy projects are usually a collection of the cheap end chinese junk stuck together on a prayer without good base engineering knowledge. His solar project is no exception.

Solar on the cheap rarely works or pays back for any significant time. Anyone who installs large on grid solar where there is no well organized sell to the grid contracts is a fool.


Its easy to look like a expert at forums full of dead heads


happy birthday to the car-port solar -.- more garbage from the pretend engineer CROSSY and his payback time jokes -.- must think we are all stupid -.- enter topic jester PINK to add some congrats THAIGER TALK - Please help build this new forum. Solar jokers not welcome.


Crossy is a aliexpress tinkerer masquerading as some kind of electrical expert. Approach and results show little indication of any professional qualification.

Best not take his solar power advice too seriously. The best electrical engineer disappeared from Thaivisa many years ago.


many good solar forum no need for this rubbish only there to help advertising click


i am surprised the arrogant the ex bus driver and know it all sometimewoodworker has not filled the subject with his trash


THAIGER TALK - Please help build this new forum. Toxic Thaivisa dead heads not welcome.


Alternative/Renewable Energy Forum > LOL


deperate times at google bait box


crossy fake accounts strike again


Yep looks like a lot made up stuff in these diy forums. Thaivisa is one big fake so difficult to believe anything is genuine.


Blind leading the blind fun to watch fakes are obvious


How dumb can people be. There are several excellent renewable energy forums and groups where experienced knowledgeable people will answer questions.

Why would anyone listen to the garbage spewed out by f-wit thaivisa moderator who has been debunked many times on social media.

Thaivisa moderators dont care about your renewable energy ideas. They are desperately trying to keep their sinking ship afloat.


Amusing forums. Excitement over the used BYD batteries kicking around the online sellers and back street shops. LOL


Most stuff in this forum is trash written by bored drunks. lots of good solar forums with knowledgeable people only fool will listen to joker at thaivisa


The Renewable Energy Forum is an amusing read and sure to deliver more amusement as gullible members of thaivisa purchase more cheap junk or fall prey to Thailand's latest breed of cash grabbing solar thieves. The creator of these forums is a DIY cowboy with a history of failed or unreliable projects.

It is clear the guy is no natural engineer and picked up experts hats after watching YouTube videos. Payback time is a difficult calculation when your solar project has a timeline riddled with costly failures.


Decent engineers got pushed out of thaivisa long ago the jokers even managed to upset one of the most useful and connected people in Chonburi. Probably because he was half Thai and upset the bashers. A nasty toxic forum caused by useless moderation

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