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Some years ago, I was banned for a stated period of 3 days.

I am still banned - WHY..??

Because I disagreed with a post and with a moderator.

I did not use foul language, I merely disagreed.

Oddly, as long as I did not accept the judgement, I had full access.

It was finally accepting the judgement that got me kicked out - seems backward..

Short and to the point should also be appreciated...


Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: try manners.

Thai Visa Pros: Nasty.

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Mods on thai visa are all Hitlers spawn low life wanna be's


I hate TVF, the mods and the *** that posts i=on there, but I don't blame them for banning this loser !


I think we can clearly see why you were banned.

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