I saw the bizarre review from someone about BigMango Forum. I'm not banned from Thai Visa and have no idea what the person who posted this review about BigMango Forum is ranting on about, particularly with regard to Zionist and World War II. I wonder if they've mixed up their forums LOL

I have to say I enjoy BigMango Forum and find it a refreshing change to Thai Visa. It's a small but growing and friendly community. More like Thai Visa used to be many years back. Light-hearted. Friendly. Community. Non-commercial.

As for intelligent discourse my guess would be that the reviewer struggles with that, so probably wouldn't recognise it if they saw it. Among the light hearted and humour there are areas of the forum like the money an business board, and some of the other sections which have "intelligent discourse"

Worth checking out. But yes it does attract the odd weirdo as the reviewer above personifies LOL

CheersFletch :)

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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Big Mango is filling in a huge void in cyberspace which has needed filling for a while now. Thai Visa are just all about clickbait and Teak Door is just a clique rammed full of some utter freaks whose agendas are the over ruling factor in the site.

There's not much info to be had on Teak Door unless you want second hand expat gossip and hearsay based opinions from the bar stools of Bangkok and Pattaya.

Big Mango has some very knowledgeable regulars who got fed up with Thai Visa's ludicrous (over) moderation and didn't want to be associated with such a frankly dodgy, perverted, criminal, possibly illegal organisation.

There is a light heartedness on Big Mango where even serious topics can be discussed in an informed and relaxed, humorous manner which would fall foul of the self important Mods on TV or on cliquey Teak Door. Less serious topics can be hilarious especially one's dealing with Thai Visa forum, 'digital nomads' or Thai based scammers/*** men/ne'er do wells/Bullshitters like Mac Walen, Drew Noyes (all pals and sponsors of George and TV).

Already they seem to have lured some of the 'big guns' away from Thai Visa forum. I can see it being a big player in the Thailand internet forums field in the future.


I agree with your opinion of The Big Mango, it is a small but steadily growing forum that offers a lighthearted alternative the the likes of TVF and the Teak Door. I don't think it ever meant to be a threat to the big forums and it was created out of frustrated posters who were fed up with the diabolical mods, trolls, and Thai bashers at TVF.

And your comment - "But yes it does attract the odd weirdo as the reviewer above personifies" is spot on, as the weirdo who posted that negative review of the Big Mango was probably one of the few weirdos who joined that forum and was shown the door, and now he is disgruntled and angry.

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