ThaiVisa.com is horrible and a place that breads depression, unhappiness, anger, racism and hate toward Thailand and Thai people. Most moderators that get involved in the site are bitter angry old men who feel so helpless in taking charge of their own life that they feel a need to try to control others.

Why anyone would want to advertise and be associated with such a miserable site is unknown to me but easy to see they have lost many of their main advertisers and really on Google ads to support their site. Unless an advertiser is looking to market to those who are cheap, angry and racists, I just don't see how Thaivisa can bring any value. In fact, I stay away from supporting any company that advertises on Thaivisa. The site actually was useful in having a central source of news but seeing how they now ban major Thai news sites from being linked on Thaivisa and have started to run articles from idiotic and untrusted sources that really heavily on bashing Thailand, even the news articles shown their are geared towards hating Thailand and Thai people or at best making them look corrupt and ***.

There simply is no balance on Thaivisa and it simply breads negativity and unhappiness.


Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep

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