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Silent removals of comments. Alot of warnings, block from comment, cant say this and that even if it isnt about the royal family.

The mods have changed last 2 years or atleast their policies. Really boring there last 2 years.

What happened?

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Thai Visa Cons: Poor moderation, Moderators are like bullies, Silent removals of comments or posts.

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CharlieH censors and deletes posts when his friends Phoenixrising and Odysseus are humiliated with facts that counter some of their ridiculous claims its so obvious these 3 work together and it may be that Pheonixrising and Odysseus are the same person.


CharlieH (Mr Magoo) strikes again by killing another motoring thread. He must think the site is still busy LOL.


CharlieH is suffering from dementia although I doubt he was ever very smart


Bet this *** it a barrel of laughs to his boyfriend


Scott is the worst, he seems to have been reigned in recently due to falling traffic but now is on the march again suspending and banning people he does not agree with. The *** can always find some excuse under the catch all rules which can be used to make any post seem to be breaking the terms and conditions. The number of fake first time posts to generate traffic has become amusing, but the shirt lifting teacher is just a pain the *** He would know all about that of course.


Most TV mods are boring old coffin dodgers who get more bitter twisted and out of touch as time goes by. I have met two Pattaya mods and both are as boring as paint drying with little life beyond watching TV posts.

Then theres the ex ticket machine fixer and Googling engineer down in the DIY section who quite clearly makes out to be a lot more than he ever was with his little *** licking worshipers. Places is loaded with fakes and tall story tellers bored out of their minds.


thaivisa is dead forum only die hard rubbish left and tourist sheep with no brain. thailand dead for western people because internet spread news about the big Thai scam and lie


darksidedog moderator has thousands of likes for stating the obvious. Dont take much to stimulate the sheeple.


TV is one big mess of bugs and fake posts. The end is not far off.


Moderating a bunch of ex bus drivers and street sweepers must be real hard work. Most TV members are as dumb as they come.


The forum is ruined due to the mods all coming down with virulent strains of Trump Derangement Syndrome. They were already struggling with their rampant leftism but as the swamp got drained their panic escalated.

I just got banned again for not hating Trump enough.

TVF is now the ONLY forum on the internet with a 99.9% view that Trump is satan reincarnated. Poxy useless forum run by snowflakes for snowflakes.

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