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Avoid Thaivisa forums. Its a dying website loaded with intrusive popups advertising trackers and dangerous baiting links.

The owner of these forums has no respect for visitors and more importantly no respect for members who contribute to the site content.

These forums have become extremely toxic and are riddled with social misfits bickering and arguing between click bait posts and fake stories posted by bored attention seekers and life's losers.

The forums are moderated mostly by out of touch old fogies with personal agendas and very little common sense.

Forum moderators should be fair unbiased and not display favouritism. Almost all Thaivisa moderators are the total opposite.

Thaivisa is not the best place to get your questions answered as most topics are filled with garbage posted by bored attention seekers who have no idea what they are talking about.

Incredibly, Facebook is a much better source for Thailand visa information and news.

Finally, if you really must spend time at the thaivisa forums, keep in mind that you are likely to be posting into fake or made up topics created by the owners in an attempt to make the sit look busy and interesting.

If you like socialising in a fictitious fantasy world then thaivisa forums are the place for you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Stop visiting.

Thai Visa Cons: No respect for visitors poor administration and moderation.

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Dead forum... ....


The thaivisa forum has its uses. When I meet other expats in Thailand for the first time I always ask if they contribute to the thaivisa forums. If they reply yes then I can be almost certain they will be intellectually incompatible.


LOL I do the same when talking to expats in Pattaya, "Do you post on thaivisa" If yes I back away


I have a fake posts in the DIY section and the chimps are biting the bait. Wont be long before the bickering starts. Coming soon - my faulty water pump with a twist.


Its an amusing place to read when you have a little time to spare. Bored expats many with little upstairs waiting to meet their maker.

Theres two guys trying to get solar serious down in the DIY section. Why dont they just meet up and blow each other or join a real solar community and stop being silly.


Very true - a fake site full of fake people spouting fake views. It really is off the scale now with new troll accounts and troll first post rubbish.

liverpoolfanfc was the latest one and was called out by multiple posters in his third thread for being a troll writing about being stopped having no passport by the police. CharlieH bless him to shut the thread down as the anger of many members was spilling over onto the forum. They have no conscience these mods as they fake concern whilst being arse-deep in the owner's manure and con job on advertisers. 6,081 posts 5 hours ago, scottiejohn said: With equally good fairy tales.

The OP is an obvious TROLL post. Best reply I have read on this post and I dare ask the mods to shut it down unless he can back up what he is saying as it's creating a lot of debate over nothing, e.g. no evidence to suggest the cops did this to any farangs, so as far as I am concerned it's a TROLL as scottiejohn has suggested. I am CLOSING this topic as a TROLL topic.

The information claimed in this topic is misleading and scaremongering.

It is NOT a requirement to carry your passport, you are however required to produce it within a reasonable time if required to do so by the authorities. CLOSED


You can say almost any post is a troll post but it does get a little tiring when the same old *** are calling every new poster a troll. It REALLY gets tiring old man!

Things can be worse or just stay off TVF a few days. Just think how happy your life could be without having to read something from Jingthing,Bristolwikiboy, Samui Bodah ( I have to post first nut case) or Bluesperm ( boring one liner who will go back and forth because he wants to hit 100,000 posts).


Dont be so hard on Bluesperm, he is on quite heavy medication and cant always help himself. Was posted a while back from his close friend. Same goes for Beachlovers I believe.


The site is high ranking. Report the it as instrusive at Google.


it sure is toxic and filled with nasty spiteful bottom feeders who hide behind keyboard i stopped posting and helping others when george sold to the new joker owner horrible slimy excuse of a man

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