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I am sick of the *** at TV, I responded to a post and was then suspended for my trouble. I merely expanded on what had already been posted by someone else but I was sent to detention like a scolded school boy.

I would like to meet these *** one on one and we will see who goes to the back of the class.

I would also like to know how to unsubscribe from TV, surely even in Thailand I have the right to do that.

Someone needs to start an Anti TV site, get all the dirt on the top men, check if they even have work permits for Thailand.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Thai Visa Cons: Biased moderation, Selective moderation, Unable to unsubscribe, Unable to delete my attachments.

Location: Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

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To be honest, their new website design sucks, its slow rubbish, and full of advertisements so i guess with time they will engineer their own demise,


No need to check, none of them have work permits.

Just keep reporting the site to the Thai authorities, their anti Thai stance would get them shut down anywhere else as incitement.

They have their "golden children"who seem to be allowed to post what they want, but close down responses.

In a way, Thai Visa is a *** poor version of the Junta, their mods are slapping down members, and they have a cheek to state that people are using multiple accounts, when I'd be inclined to think that all of the moderators there have MANY different acounts.


They have content reported to the Thai Government every day, to the Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD), under the heading Illegal Content, National Socialistic Offences -

"National Socialistic Offences including content against social security and stability in terms of social order, psychical, economy, politics, and military, which can concern the conflicts in the country or between countries. For example, spread news about terrorists, giving confidential information about government services, and giving information that alarms the public, such as information make people feeling insecure, threaten human rights, losing faith in the government, which lead to conflicts between social groups, and economic, politics or military crisis.

The National Socialistic Offences are against Computer Crime Act 2007 section 14 Any person who commits any offence of the following acts shall be subject to imprisonment under five years or a fine under one hundred thousand baht or both (3) that involves import to a computer system of any computer data related with an offence against the Kingdom's security under the Criminal Code."

Their forum contains material that falls into this category every day, and the idiots are so *** they keep publishing it just to feed their click farm. Dan Cheeseman won't be happy when they get shut down - $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


I report them also, but it seems to be to no avail, there will be some irate old fools when it does eventually get closed down.


@ Jock, I notice the comment from the Thai Visa mod that was flaming you has been removed, as have some of their other comments. Looks like the mods on this site have more smarts and a lot more class than TVF mods lol

Actually it's very funny, those Nazi mods coming onto this site and flaming disgruntled ex-TVF members and having their posts removed.

They must be spewing.

Hope they choke on it. ha ha


Just another victim relegated to moaning on a complaints site. A pattern is revealed and it's no wonder you got canned from TVF.


Actually anonymous, my complaints are more about the blatant Thai bashing, and the group of thundercunts who seem to get away with their *** all the time.

What makes you think I'm banned?

You and your clowns are as predictable as the dawn, you're all so easy to wind up, and like you, as it's clear as day you're a tinpot moderator, I also have multiple accounts.

But you're protected by the people behind the Notion, and that's why you get away with posting your hate threads.


Yes anonymous, you're the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, as for telling the truth, you wouldn't know it if you were on the ledge of a high rise condo.

The biggest losers are those who can't see past Thai Visa's click bait and bigoted anti Thai posts, which you seem to condone, I do have multiple accounts, none of them have been banned, but I do like to wind you fools up.

You will all be crying into your cremola foam once the Authorities start taking action, and they will, it's just a matter of time.


No, Jock, the trick is being ABLE to look past it and not give a rat's. What are you, some Thai wannabe crusader?

Oh Dear, all the Thai bashing. Mew mew, sniff, sniff.

Get on with it man, and quit your bloody whining.


"No, Jock, the trick is being ABLE to look past it and not give a rat's."

Oh dear someone can't seem to heed his own words.. !!!


Not even close either to of those ages, Anon.

Late 40's not that it's really any of your concern, sounds more like you're the one in the Geriatric TV fan club.


Late 40s. Whinging about a web site.

You're a real star, Jocko!


Well, if the Thai Government doesn't think it's an offence, and you know how childishly *** they can be about that sort of thing, then mate, perhaps you should take a hint and just move on with your life and find something else to obsess over.

But that's the point.

It's not really about Thais and Thailand at all. This is about YOU and your unhealthy obsession with revenge. You'll go to any lengths to assuage your childish ego. Even the Thais can see you are trying to incite them, hoping they will do your dirty work for you.

You think you're so smart, pushing their buttons with your faux nationalistic outrage, but they are much smarter than you, so they ignore you. And THAT fact sends you even further into orbit. Why won't they listen to MEEEEE! Somebody listen to me!

Take your meds and have a lie down, m8.

They don't care. Get over it.


"perhaps you should take a hint and just move on with your life and find something else to obsess over"

And yet you are here obsessing about someone complaining about a pox ridden forum !

Take your own advice and *** off back to the most unpopular forum in Thailand. Fifty-one reviews on this site alone proves that beyond doubt (oh, and there are many more sites out there devoted to shitcanning tvf)

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