It's almost impossible for a would-be visitor to Thailand to get a fair and balanced understanding of what Thailand is like from reading this site because they project such a distorted view of the country.

You might expect a website with a name like Thaivisa to be at least a little bit tolerant of the host country yet despite forum rule to the contrary posters are allowed, if not actively encouraged, to bash Thailand at every opportunity - everyone from the lowly rice farmer, through police, Immigration and government, up to business owners are all verbally attacked incessantly. And when there's no opening to bash Thai people, any other Asian country will do, China and India being the next in line.

But try and compare in-country events or the behavior of its people with that of say the US and you better watch out because that's not allowed, only Thailand is to be shown in a poor light, even if it's not true!

Exactly why the site is allowed to continue I don't know, I'm very surprised government hasn't taken action because it's hugely insulting and anti-Thai and is a real negative for tourism - with over 60% of posters not even living in the country it attracts trolls and those with agenda's which is seriously unhelpful to anyone, apart from those who rely on getting clicks to make a living.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thai Visa Forum.

Location: Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai

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Thai visa mods are illegals - no work permits.


IKR! Arrest them, put them in forced labor prison, make them build a wall around themselves. Brick by brick.


and make THEM pay for it too!


Thai Visa forum has been losing posters for a few years, users down, clickcount down. Main problem is the unprofessional moderation.

I mean really unprofessional. Most are unpaid volunteers - illegal in Thailand. Some are paid (a pittance) - even more illegal in Thailand.This would include "mods" like Scott - a real bigot.

I'm happy to start the ball rolling to get people like Scott prosecuted for their illegal activity. PM me for more info.


How can we contact you ? And yes report them all CharlieH, Scott, Metisdead, Rimmer and Ubon.


I rather doubt this site has the kind of leverage over would-be tourists to Thailand. At least not to the level you've concocted in your offended little brain.

In which of your imaginary rule books does it say a site's name has to have any correlation to the tone of its content and members? Fact is, the site WAS about Thailand Visas back in the day but morphed; moreso after its sale to Dan the Man in recent years. It should meet with your approval that the most useful section on the site is the one about....... Thailand Visas.

Content is, predominately, focused on Thailand. Warts and all. If you can't handle that and need a safe space, I will suggest the Tourism of Thailand website to you. There you only find the good stuff, with carefully staged photos to give the "correct" impression to sooth your injured soul.

Not to mention the soul of all those Thais you are moaning on behalf of - the vast majority of whom never visit Thaivisa because, well, they don't understand English. :-) Where did you ascertain the 60% figure?


No one cares what you think.


Here's another pearl for Pissed Consumers on this site. The chump who calls himself Noddy is actually a Mod from TVF. Probably Metisdead.


You seem confused, maybe a medication adjustment is required.


TVF Mod masquerades on this website under an alias, posts fake information, and thinks it's other people who should be taking meds? Metisdead, you're really losing the plot, mate. LMAO!


How's that for failed Metisdead logic and invalid assumption, the site can't be racist because Thai's don't understand English...really!


Oh dear Jingthing, TVF presents no knowledge of Thailand - it's about fat western *** trying to get the cheapest western junk food to scrape by on their pensions.


No worries there will be a few racists hitting the exit soon 800k 800k la la de da lol


You're absolutely right, a nasty site with a large bumber of racists. Most of the traffic on Thai Visa is Thai bashing and alt left flaming on international politics that has nothing to do with Thailand, usually by people who are not even in Thailand. These two types of topic are pushed by the mods, particularly bigots like Scott, in an attempt to drive up clicks.


Amazing insight. Genius.

How long did it take you to work that out? Have you sussed yet that Scott and Jingthing are one in the same?

Now, I know what you might be thinking. The answer is, "I don't know" which one is the hitter and which one is the catcher.


I think Jingting is the hitter. He, and I use that pronoun lightly, is a bossy twink.

Probably bosses the catcher around, instructing him exactly how to pose in doggy and what kind of grunting sound to make with each push. Same way he micro manages his threads to the point, why even bother? FFS, his list of rules and instruction are longer than the OP itself. Thread on banana split ice creme sundays, you wouldn't be allowed to talk about the banana or the chocolate or the whip creme.

ONLY want to talk about the sprinkles on top. That's all. If you mention the cherry he squeals like a girl and threatens to put you on his ignore list. Like that's suppozed to mean something.

but he seems to take himself VERY serious. I don't know to laugh or feel sorry for the poor *** What a sad life.



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