There is a lack of transparency associated with the website. It does not provide full disclosure as to its relationship with certain real estate developments, and other items promoted at the website.

Several of the moderators appear to have conflicts of interest and will not address the issue. The general forums are used to drive web traffic and rely on clickbait features. There is a definite bias to featuring stories that will incite general activity. Common favourite targets are religious themes, Israel, western government foreign services, animal cruelty, Only Thai Visa still promotes and encourages renditions of animal cruelty such as the poisoning of soi dogs etc.

Thai Visa serves as a forum for extreme right wing bigots who's favourite target is Israel. It's 2017 and we are treated to the same ignorance from the last century. It's tired.

And of course the stories about "***" Thais continue. If Thais are so bad, why are these foreigners in Thailand?

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Dazz , banned for 4 days for being a trump supporter


Scott changed the 2 week ban for saying Churches get burned down in some Islamic countries to a permanent ban and cannot even look at the forum. Been a member since 2004, *** Scott and Thai visa.


Pop over to the Big Mango forum. It is just like the early TVF in fact no, it is better.

Moderation is unintrusive and mature and all political views are accepted. Forget ThaiVisa


Scott is a regular reader of this site. He saw your -ve review of himself and Thai Visa and banned you for that. Negative opinions are not tolerated by the liberal bigot.


Rejoin with e VPN and different email - 1000s of us have done just that because there is NO real alternative unfortunately


That's it for me I have had enough, you just cannot discuss anything without being suspended for weeks or banned. Suspended for two weeks for saying in some Islamic countries Churches get burned down. Scott is an utter disgrace as a mod and seems to be doing his best to kill off the forum, good luck to him with that,!


Geez. You guys still at it?

You were banned more than 2 years back.

Get over it. This is madness.


Who or what was banned more than 2 years ago? Nobody is banned from Thaivisa, just reregister it takes 2 minutes.

This smells like more desperate thaivisa mods trying to save their sinking ship.

Clever ones aka the rats would have run the ropes to safety. Hope you mods can swim cos this baby is a sinkin


I came across these people wrting these reviews a while back. They had some kind of forum that was just endless rants about TV mods.

It's them.

These guys are nutters. They got banned from TV coz they were weirdos and sickos.



Odd how your comments echo the same words as are and were written by a moderator in Thai Visa a week or so back.


This site is fully of TV mod shrills and it would appear conclusive proof that TV mods read members personal messages given what is written in one of the responses here.

The biggest delusional walter mitty on Thai Visa was the so called Aussie called NeverDie, now there is someone who needed medication for his delusions

But the fact remains Thai Visa is fully of old western men who have c r a p lives in Thailand with their *** wives and girl friends and vent their frustation with their c r a p p y little lives on Thai Visa


NeverDieFantasy is projecting big time. LOL.


I just can't remember a website with such an odious reputation as this Thaivisa.com. It is universally loathed by current and ex forum users.

Mainly due to the use of biased moderators pushing their own agendas, and the totally fraudulent activities the forum uses to generate more revenue. Shameful and disgusting, it's high time the Thai government blocked access to this virtual cesspit.


I will give the tv mods who are trolling this site some good advice. Forget about saving your forum or your reputations as they are shot birds.

Go back to your boiler room and pack up all your *** and be ready to leave at short notice.

When Mister Cheeseburger finally realizes what losers you are the lot of you will be out on the street.

I will then take over the moderating, firstly banning all the trolls you have been collecting over time and filling the forum with topics like what a bunch of *** the previous mod team were.

What a fun time we will have. Lol

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