My final straw just now was posting the twitter video of Adriana Grande getting groped by a bishop at Aretha Franklins funeral, and adding my commentary about it.

And get this, it was in the thread about Ariana Grande getting groped by a bishop at Aretha Franklins funeral, and the apology that the bishop made for groping her.

I then also posted a tweet of Bill Clinton ogling Adriana Grande and my take on the whole event being a liberal self-own of race baiters and liberal icons who made the entire funeral overshadowed by sexual assault.

I then got suspended, and marked the "confused" icon on Scotts post stated that "Troll posts were removed".

That got my account completely blocked.

Scott, if your liberal point of view was soooooo amazing and great, you wouldn't need to resort to filtering people out of the conversation, you thin skinned weakling.

Been suspended about 20 times, very little of it actually deserved.

In one of the suspensions Scott openly states:

"You have been given a 7 day suspension for consistent trolling. You have had numerous posts reported and many posts removed."

So my suspension is because of weak snowflake liberals reporting me because they don't like my take or message? Talk about the inmates running the asylum.

You've got moonbats like jingthing, the overbearingly *** psycho with the thinnest skin known to humanity, openly posting totally insane and overbearing posts (over 100,000 of them) with complete impunity, others openly calling for the death of the US President - and apparently all that is ok because they other posters don't report it.

Look, end of the day, if you arent a liberal, you are not wanted on that site. If you dont hate the USA, you arent wanted.

Dont waste your time or invest anything into Thaivisa. You will be banned eventually. Maybe not today, maybe not in a thousand posts, but you will be, so dont even waste your time.

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Nowhere near as bad ad thailand-uk.com. Been on there for 18 months with no problem then just got banned with no warning with a message saying 'reason none, don't need one' Tv moderation is actually not so bad these days. It is not right to accuse mods on tv of being pedos without proof.


No idea why my reply offering concrete proof about thaivisa mods being convicted in a court of law for sexual relations with young children keeps getting removed? Censorship here is as bad as on the tvf forum itself


Same here. It’s a known fact.

I bet someone like jingjerk spends more of his ridiculous free time contacting this site to remove comments. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.


Australian David Arthur was Thaivisa mod ITmanager. He was convicted of multiple counts of *** kids up in Chiang Mai. Google is your friend.


Thaivisa is a complete amateur show from moderation right through to technical support. The quality of its members is dropping and rapidly heading towards YouTube kiddy level.

The site should now remove most of its categories and leaving the click bait garbage for the new wave of illiterate members. Anyone who want good Visa info should look at Facebook and avoid picking through the thaivisa One-upmanship drivel.


Youtube kiddly level ?....sure many of the *** moderators and many members of Thaivisa will be very excited at that prospect


WARNNG: Switch on ad-blocker before visiting Thaivisa dot com


I see that Thaivisa has knocked one more nail in its coffin with a new half baked untested amateur appearance and joke Durian logo. While everyone else is holding identity and working towards Web 3.0 Thaivisa takes two steps back towards web zero. I hear the Muppet mod CharlieH has caused one long time member to throw in the towel maybe more will follow as he attempts to stifle any protest.


Thaivisa The Nation heading is unprofessional. Its like Nestle parking their name boldly under each brand website. There is clearly no finesse or style in the sites owner camp.


Joke durian logo, looks more like a Big Mango to my old tired eyes.


Love the new {{redacted}} logo


Clearly the rear end of some young lad, covered in peachfuzz. Typical peedo fetish and no surprise these reprobates chose it


Two shutdowns in 48 hours now you know its an amateur show.


Great to see Chiangmai Kelly back in the saddle, how many usernames has he had.


I saw that Bill Clinton, Ariana Grande photo in the thread. I thought it was amusing!

It's not you. You're probably normal. It's them. They aren't.

20 suspensions though. Mate, I think they are trying to tell you something.


20 suspensions and keeps going back to troll them again, what a miserable right wing troll he must be. Get a life you twit, find a hobby or something, or stick to InfoWars and Breitbart.


Relax, the forums slowly dying along with its mods.


Yes very slow these days with a few regular posters hanging around I visit site every week or near and see many topics dead and also people placing spam posts at old topic. Not interesting site anymore now I only look about a few minutes and leave

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